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Toshiba Satellite L55-B5276

Toshiba Satellite L55-B5276 is a powerful laptop for home and office users who need fast performance for regular tasks along with some entertainment.  It is a perfect buy, both in terms of its specifications and its price ($550 approx. at staples). Its thin chassis measures just 0.93”, but you will find all standard ports round the side, including two USB 3.0 ports, one of which is USB Sleep and Charge. The edge houses a DVD burner as well. It is not as thin as an Ultrabook though. Toshiba L55-B5276 is a stylish laptop with Satin Gold chassis. Inside, it comes with a 1.7 GHz Intel Core i5-4210U processor which doesn’t offer much raw processing power when it comes to working  with professional applications like 3Ds Max, Solidworks or while working with Sony Vegas pro or other video editing software still it offers enough performance for photo editing, light video editing, media encoding, making presentations and casual gaming. Basically, this laptop is suitable for office use and people are always on go and need big screen.  Satellite L55-B5276 comes with 8GB memory and 1 TB hard drive. This laptop is not a touch screen laptop and runs on windows 8.1. Here is a brief review about specifications and performance of Toshiba Satellite L55-B5276.

Specification and Performance of  Model: L55-B5276

The laptop has Intel core i5-4210u processor which has two cores and is part of Intel’s Haswell family. It operates with 1.7GHz and core frequency can boost up to 2.7GHz. It is the next version of Intel core i5-4200u processor and normally you won’t notice any difference in performance.  It comes with Intel HD 4400 which is integrated graphics and the only graphics solution for Toshiba Satellite L55-B5276. But it can run low end games smoothly. For instance, Fifa 14, Dota 2, Gird 2, Tomb Raider are playable in this laptop. However, high end titles like Watch Dogs, Assassin´s Creed IV: Black Flag would hardly run on this system.  ULV processor equipped machines are not designed for gaming.

It comes with 8GB of DDR3L RAM, memory speed 1600MHz, and 1 TB of hard drive. It supports max 16GB but memory is not user upgradable.  Windows 8.1 is preloaded onto the hard drive.  Other disadvantage of the laptop is that it doesn’t come with SSD.

The 15.6” HD backlit non-touch display of Satellite L55-B5276 offers maximum resolution of 1366 X 768 pixels thus supports 720p HD playback but not 1080p. However, it comes with Toshiba’s Resolution + technology which upconverts  “standard-definition  DVD content into sharper and more vibrant pictures that look and feel more like HD in real-time”

It comes with standard ports and connectivity features which include 1 USB 2.0 and 2 USB 3.0, HDMI, RJ 45, SD card reader audio combo jack. Network connectivity includes Fast Ethernet and 802.11 b/g/n. It doesn’t come with backlit keyboard.

The 4 cell 45 whr battery offers up to 4 hours of battery life but it depends upon usage

Pros of Toshiba Satellite L55-B5276

Plenty of memory and hard drive

USB 3.0 with sleep and charge

Cons of Toshiba L55-B5276

No Bluetooth

Not a touchscreen laptop

No hybrid or SSD

Lenovo G50 59421808 Powered by Intel Core i7-4510u

Lenovo G50 59421808 is a magnificent laptop for those who want a combination of light weight, lots of built-in features, performance and affordability, in terms of price. It’s the perfect model to consider if you need to work with office applications, photo editing and small video editing.  It also supports PC gaming but Intel HD 4400 graphics won’t run demanding games smoothly in high or ultra-details and settings. Actually, Intel core i7-4510u is a dual core processor which operates within 2 GHz – 3.1GHz frequency range. Other features of Lenovo G50 59421808 are equally impressive. It is shipped with 8GB memory and 1TB hard drive.  This laptop is not a touch screen laptop, which is the only disadvantage of this machine.  It comes with DVD writer. The price of the laptop is $750 approx., but this Lenovo G50 laptop will go on sale at Staples ($600 approx). Also available at Amazon and Sears. Here is a brief review about specifications and performance of Lenovo G50 59421808.

Lenovo G50 59421808 gets its power from Intel core i7-4510u processor which has two cores and operates with 2 GHz frequency. Due to Turboboost technology, the frequency can rise up to 3.1GHz. It is Hyperthreading enabled as well. The processor offers more than enough speed for everyday tasks. If you want to install iTunes or want to convert file formats, it should have no issues handling demanding programs that require multi-threading. It comes with Intel HD 4400 integrated graphics which offers decent gaming. Games like COD Ghosts, Battlefield 4, F1 2013, Total War Rome II and Fry Cry 3 etc. can be played in low resolution and setting. However, games like Dota 2, grid 2, StarCraft II heart of the swarm and Guild Wars 2 etc can also be played very well. This laptop supports Minecraft Gameplay.

Lenovo G50 59421808 is shipped with 8GB RAM and 1TB of hard drive. It supports maximum 8 GB memory. It doesn’t come with SSD though.  The 15.6” LED backlit HD display offers only max resolution of 1366 X 768 and supports 720p high definition playback.

Ports and connectivity features include 2 x USB 3.0 ports and 1 x USB 2.0, VGA port, 2 in1 Card Reader (SD, MMC), RJ45, 1 stereo headphones / microphone in combo jack and HDMI out. There is a DVD drive as optical drive. Network connectivity includes both Bluetooth and Wireless N. Wired connectivity includes Fast Ethernet.

Pros of Lenovo G50 59421808

Powerful laptop at affordable price

Plenty of memory and storage


Cons of Lenovo G50 59421808

No touch screen


Dell Inspiron I3542-5000BK

Dell Inspiron I3542-5000BK Touchscreen laptop notebook is powerful enough for day to day computing as well as for streaming videos, thanks to 4th generation Intel core i3-4030u processor. It is a dual-core processor which runs at 1.9GHz. The laptop comes with 4GB RAM making it well equipped to handle day to day applications you might need to run. It can stream videos smoothly for you. As this Dell laptop PC comes with integrated HD 4400 graphics, it will be able to play some low end titles ( Fifa 14, Dota 2) in low to medium details but high end games like GTA V will hardly run on this machine. Dell Inspiron I3542-5000BK is designed for home users and students. It supports basic computing like typing documents, processing spreadsheets, online video communication and social networking etc. Even office tasks like making presentations and file compression etc. can be done on this laptop. It also supports media encoding and light photo editing but will struggle with large photo editing and video editing. This everyday use laptop provides plenty of battery life (around 5 – 6 hours) for a low price of $400 ( at Staples, also available at Amazon, B & H photo at higher price) . It comes with Bluetooth connectivity feature. There is a DVD as optical drive and it weighs around $4.8lbs. Here is a brief review about specifications and performance of Dell Inspiron I3542-5000BK.

Specification and Performance of Dell Inspiron I3542-5000BK

The laptop uses Intel core i3-4030u CPU which is clocked at 1.9 GHz frequency and comes with 3MB of smart cache. The processor comes with hyperthreading technology, thus two cores can handle 4 threads at a time. Dell Inspiron I3542-5000BK uses Intel HD 4400 graphics for graphics processing. It comes with processor chip. Games like Counter Strike Global Offensive, Diablo III, Dota 2, Elder Scroll V: skyrim, Plants vs Zombies, Torchlight 2 etc can be played in low to medium details and settings. Windows app games can be played on this machine. Intel core i3-4030U is a decent processor for home computing. It is energy efficient as it comes with low TDP rating. Compared with Intel quad core N3530, you will get better performance and some additional features are incorporated in core i3-4030u processor which are missing in Pentium N3530 or N3520. However, hard drive and memory also play important role in increasing the performance of this laptop.

Dell I3542-5000BK is shipped with 4GB Single Channel DDR3 1600MHz and memory can’t be expandable further.500GB hard drive is preloaded with Windows 8.1 operating system.

The 15.6” LED backlit high defintion touch display offers maximum 1366 X 768 pixel resolution. So, playback up to 720p HD is possible in this laptop. This budget Dell laptop comes with Chiclet Style keyboard (non-backlit) and keys are widely spaced. It houses a dedicated numeric keypad.

With Dell I3542-5000BK you will get HDMI,USB 3.0, two USB 2.0, Ethernet Port, an SD card slot, and headphone and microphone combo ports. You also get a built-in DVD burner, a webcam, 802.11n Wi-Fi (Dell Wireless-N 1705 + Bluetooth 4.0) and Bluetooth. Basically, it’s a well-equipped laptop for the price you’re paying.

Pros of Dell Inspiron I3542-5000BK

This decent home and student laptop provides plenty of processor power for everyday use and offers nice battery life at a surprisingly low price.

Cons of Inspiron I3542-5000BK

No cons as such considering the price

HP TouchSmart 15-r015dx

Encased in Black licorice cover, HP TouchSmart 15-r015dx may not look very stylish from outside, but it comes with a decent price features ratio. Powered by 4th generation, 1.7GHz Intel core i3-4010u processor, this touchscreen laptop costs you approx. $450, which includes Internet Security Software, Screen Cleaner, Sleeve and Flash Drive Package. The processor is not much faster when it comes to raw processing power still it is fast enough to work with word/excel, browse internet, watch videos and online video communication. HP 15-r015dx also supports light gaming but CPU/GPU intensive games will struggle to perform in this laptop. It is shipped with 4GB DDR3L memory and has 500GB hard drive. The weight of this machine is 5.34lbs. Features such as touchscreen and inbuilt DVD driver make it little heavy in weight but not too heavy to carry it with you. Rest of the features of the laptop is standard that you find in any similarly priced laptop. To know more about the HP TouchSmart 15-r015dx read the following review:

HP TouchSmart 15-r015dx Specification and Performance 

Intel core i3-4010u is an entry level core processor which belongs to Intel’s latest Haswell family. The processor operates with 1.7 GHz frequency. It has two cores and 3MB of cache memory. As Hyper threading feature is enabled in this laptop, two cores can process four threads simultaneously.  It is a good laptop for processing documents, working with spreadsheets, social networking and online communication which include Skype as well.  HP 15-r015dx Touchscreen laptop supports media encoding as well, however, since this is an entry level processor; you won’t get great performance while doing such tasks. You can use it for light photo editing but it will struggle with large photo and video editing.

HP TouchSmart 15-r015dx comes with 4GB DDR3L SDRAM (1 DIMM) and supports maximum of 4GB memory. The laptop incorporates a 500GB hard drive disk which spins with 5400rpm speed. This is a Windows 8.1 laptop. Other HP proprietary and some trial software are preloaded on the hard drive. Please note that it doesn’t come with full version of Microsoft Office.

Like any other budget laptop, 15.6-inch diagonal HD BrightView WLED-backlit touchscreen display offers 1366×768 pixel resolution which supports up to 720p HD playback.

This budget HP laptop has 3 USB ports, which is very useful, but only one is USB 3.0 for connecting fast external storage. It comes with Mic/headphone combo port to connect stereo headphones or speakers, RJ 45 port and an HDMI output which can be used to connect the laptop to an external display. It becomes useful if you want to watch 1080p content at its proper resolution. The laptop also has a DVD burner and Network connectivity is supported by Fast Ethernet and Wireless 802.11 b/g/n

3-cell 31WHr 2.8Ah lithium-ion polymer battery offers up to 6 hours of battery life.

Pros of HP TouchSmart 15-r015dx

Inexpensive if you consider the package price.

Touch screen

Cons of HP TouchSmart 15-r015dx

Standard features.

Toshiba Satellite C55-B5299

Toshiba Satellite C55-B5299 boasts of good configuration for its price but lets down buyers by offering less RAM.  The price of the laptop varies from $230-$300 and it is available at different stores like Fry’s, Walmart and Toshiba Direct. Currently, Fry’s is offering it at lowest price of $200-$228 approx.  The laptop is also available at Amazon. As this laptop comes with 2GB 1333 MHz RAM, this laptop is suitable for basic computing only. Toshiba C55-B5299 gets its processing power from Intel Celeron N2830 dual core processor. The laptop allows you document processing, web browsing, social networking and emailing. Resource hungry applications like video encoding, AutoCAD and Adobe Photoshop CS6 will hardly run on this machine.  This machine is not suitable for PC gaming either.   Satellite C55-B5299 runs on Windows 8.1 with Bing, which is a low cost OS from Microsoft and has helped in keeping the price of laptop low. Another disadvantage of the laptop is that it doesn’t come with optical drive. However, USB 3.0 and HDMI ports are available.  Read below a brief review of specifications of Toshiba Satellite C55 B5299:


Specification and performance of  Satellite C55 B5299

Intel Celeron N2830 is a dual core processor which is clocked with base frequency of 2.16 GHz and, due to Intel burst technology, the frequency can rise up to 2.41 GHz. It comes with Intel HD graphics. With 2GB RAM, it will struggle with memory intensive tasks such as editing images and videos. However, this laptop is fast and responsive for basic computing tasks.  When it comes to gaming,  Toshiba C55B5299 will hardly be able to run any current games smoothly.

The 15.6” LED backlit display offers maximum resolution of 1366 X 768 pixels. The laptop comes with 500GB hard drive space and comes preloaded with Windows 8.1 with Bing operating system. Other preinstalled software on the hard drive are Microsoft Office Trial Version for 1 month, Norton™ Internet Security (30-day trial subscription) and Toshiba Proprietary software.

Even though it is a cheap laptop, it offers all standard ports and connectivity features which include 2 USB 2.0 and 1 USB 3.0, HDMI, RJ 45, audio port and SD card reader. It comes with HD webcam as well.  When it comes to network connectivity, it offers both wired and wireless connectivity. However, Bluetooth is missing in this laptop. It supports both Fast Ethernet and 802.11 b/g/n Wi-fi. It could be a cheap laptop but its keyboard houses a dedicated numeric keypad.

4 cell/32Wh Lithium Ion battery pack last up to 2-4 hours, depending upon usage.

Battery and memory are not user replaceable in this model.



Pros of Toshiba Satellite C55-B5299

At $230 it is quite cheap

500GB hard drive

USB 3.0

Cons of Toshiba Satellite C55-B5299

Only 2 GB memory

HP 15-r063nr laptop Powered by Intel Pentium N3530

There is nothing significant in cheap laptops but HP 15-r063nr offers power for day to day computing and decent battery life which is on par with other similar priced laptops. It comes with an entry-level quad core Intel Pentium N3530 processor, integrated Intel HD graphics card and a 500 GB drive which makes it suitable for home, office and for media tasks. HP 15 r063nr laptop weighs around 5.25lbs and is convenient to carry it to and from school and office. The best part of the laptop is that it can also be used for some gaming and watching videos. Though this laptop is not appropriate for avid gamers or those who need to run high end games on their machine, still you can play low end title and some old games in this laptop. At under $400, this HP 15-r063nr is simply as good as other competing laptops at the same price, especially given its average screen and standard amount of RAM and HDD. It, however, comes with optical drive. Here is a brief review about specifications and performance of HP 15-r063nr:

Specifications and performance of HP 15-r063nr

The laptop runs an Intel Pentium N3530 processor which has four cores and has a clock speed of 2.16 Ghz. Core frequency can rise up to 2.58GHz on system demand. The processor is based on Bay Trail-M platform. Though, it is quad core processor, the performance of the CPU is not even closer to dual core i5 ULV processor. The performance could be compared with Intel core i3-4010u or i3-4005u. Low TDP rating makes it energy efficient. However, due to high clock rate, single threaded program will get more benefit. HP 15-r063nr comes with Intel HD graphics for Bay Trail processor which is weaker than Intel  HD 4400, thus you can’t get good gaming experience. But some games like Dota 2, Diablo III, Fifa 14, Grid 2, Dead Space 3, World of warcarft can be played in low resolutions and settings.  You can play some games available in Windows app stores, as well.

HP 15-r063nr comes with standard resolution of 1366 X 768 and features HD BrightView WLED-backlit display. Thus it supports 720p HD but not 1080p. There is an HDMI port, so you can watch full HD laptop content in HDTV or a compatible monitor.

Features like 4GB RAM and 500GB hard drive are quite common among budget laptops.  There is nothing exciting about it. HP15-r063nr supports maximum 4GB of memory. Thus there is no way to increase amount of memory. The laptop runs on Windows 8.1 64 bit operating system.

It comes with all standard ports and connectivity features which include Multi-format digital media card reader for SD cards,1  USB 3.0, 2 USB 2.0, 1 HDMI, 1 RJ-45 (LAN) and1 Headphone-out/microphone-in combo jack. It also comes with DVD burner. However, you can’t expect features like Backlit Keyboard from such a low cost laptop. Network connectivity is supported by 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi and Fast Ethernet.

The 4 cell lithium ion battery offers up to 5 hours of battery life, depending upon usage.

Pros of HP 15-r063nr


USB 3.0

Decent performance for everyday use

Cons of HP 15-r063nr

HP 15-r011dx

HP 15-r011dx is comparatively powerful laptop for its price, thanks to Intel Pentium N3520 processor. It is a quad core CPU which runs at 2.17 GHz and the frequency can rise up to 2.42GHz, if system needs. The laptop is shipped with 4GB of DDR3L RAM which is, though considered having standard configuration, sufficient to handle basic multitasking. Area where this laptop PC may not be particularly suitable is for high-definition video editing, 3D modelling and playing high end games.  HP 15-r011dx is integrated with HD graphics which is not a stronger graphics. It may struggle or won’t provide fast performance while encoding videos to a different format. HP 15 r011dx laptop is little thinner and lighter than other similarly-priced rivals, even though it incorporates numeric keypad, a generous 750GB hard disk and a DVD drive. The weight of the laptop is 4.9lbs. Overall, it is a decent laptop for home users as well as for students. The price of this HP laptop is $330 (plus taxes) which includes Internet Security Software, Sleeve, Mouse & Flash Drive Package. Read further to know more about specifications and performance of HP 15-r011dx.

 Specification and Performance of HP 15-r011dx

A 2.17GHz Intel Pentium N3520 processor offers processing power to the HP 15-r011dx. it’s actually a CPU that came out at the beginning of 2014 and uses Intel’s latest 22 nanometre manufacturing method.  The TDP rating is very low with maximum TDP 7.5 W, this means it’s power-efficient and it runs cool. Processor frequency can go up to 2.42 GHz. It’s not great for gaming as it comes with weak graphics. This laptop is suitable for running architectural program. Sometimes, while using the computer for encoding/decoding video you will notice some sluggishness, but it does have good overall speed for office applications and popular media encoding tasks. User can play games available in Windows app store.

HP 15-r011dx comes shipped with 4GB of DDR3L SDRAM and a 750GB hard drive which operates with 5400rpm speed. No SSD is available with this laptop.

The 15.6” HD LED backlit non-touch display offers 1366 X 768 pixels resolution. It supports 720HD playback but not 1080p. However, there is an HDMI port available and this laptop is powerful enough so that you can view laptop contents on HDTV or monitor by connecting it via this port.

Laptop comes with following ports and connectivity features-

Multi-Format Digital Media Card Reader for Secure Digital cards, 1 USB 3.0, 2 USB 2.0,1 HDMI, 1 RJ-45 (LAN) and 1 Headphone-out/microphone-in combo jack. VGA port is missing. Network connectivity includes 802.11b/g/n WLAN and fast Ethernet. You don’t get Bluetooth connectivity.

The battery life is decent. 3-cell 31WHr 2.8Ah lithium-ion polymer battery last up to 6 hours, depending upon usage

Pros of HP 15-r011dx

Good price and feature ratio

Ample storage

DVD burner

Cons of HP 15-r011dx

No touchscreen


Acer Aspire ES1-511-P1T9

Acer Aspire ES1-511-P1T9 is not as light as more expensive Ultrabook and thin laptops but, with its quad core Intel Pentium N3530 processor, it offers more power for everyday computing tasks. Though it is not a gaming system, still you can play most of games available in Windows 8 apps store.  Decent battery life (up to 6 hrs) puts this laptop in a class of its own. The price of this laptop is $298 ( Fry’s on sale). Cheap laptops are all about sacrifices but this is not true in this case.  Acer ES1-511-P1T9 comes with 4GB memory and 500GB hard drive which is common among budget laptops. It comes with USB 3.0 and HDMI port. The laptop offers Gigabit Ethernet and Bluetooth as network options. It also has inbuilt DVD drive. The laptop weighs around 5.3lbs. So you don’t have to settle for a bulky system with unattractive design.  Anything equally configured and lighter will cost you a lot more. Here is a brief review about specifications and performance of Acer Aspire ES1-511-P1T9.

Specification of  Aspire ES1-511-P1T9

Acer Aspire ES1-511-P1T9 is powered by Intel Pentium N3530 processor, which has four cores, and is fast for everyday computing like typing document, internet browsing, emailing, video chatting and similar applications. It runs at a base frequency of 2.16GHz and, due to Turboburst Technology, the frequency can rise up to 2.58 GHz. The laptop supports light photo editing and encoding/decoding media. Max TDP rating of the processor is 7.5 watts.  It helps Aspire ES1-511-P1T9 achieve an amazing battery life. The laptop offers integrated graphics which doesn’t support PC gaming much. Some low end and older games are playable in this machine. It will handle HD videos smoothly.

However, the 15.6” display of Acer Aspire ES1511P1T9 comes with native resolution of 1366 X 768 and supports up to 720p HD playback. It is shipped with 4GB RAM and 500GB hard drive. RAM can be upgraded up to 8GB. The laptop runs on Windows 8.1 operating system and this is not a touch screen laptop.

Acer ES1 511 P1T9 comes with decent set of expansion ports: three USB ports (one of them is USB 3.0), HDMI output,  Gigabit Ethernet Port and combo headphone and microphone sockets. There is a SD card reader and a webcam. Network connectivity is supported by Gigabit Ethernet, 802.11 b/g/n and Bluetooth

According to the manufacturer, fully charged 4 cell lithium ion battery offers up to 6 hours battery backup.  The keyboard comes with dedicated numeric keypad but don’t expect backligh at this price.

Pros of Acer Aspire ES1-511-P1T9

Acer Aspire ES1-511-P1T9 strikes a brilliant balance between battery life, features and price.

Cons of Acer ES1-511-P1T9

Considering the price, no cons as such

Toshiba Satellite S75-A7111 With Windows 7 Professional

Toshiba Satellite S75-A7111 is an attractive laptop that offers great performance for its price but lack of faster hard drive or SSD may let down a few of the buyers. Equipped with Intel Core i7-4700MQ Processor and 16GB memory, it could be a great budget grade professional laptop. The laptop runs on Windows 7 professional operating system. The price of this laptop is $800 approx (On sale at Costco). If you are looking for a laptop to run CAD, Adobe Photoshop and similar applications, this could be a good choice, especially if you are on a budget. Toshiba S75-A7111 offers admirable performance when it comes to CPU-based rendering, data compression and video transcoding.  Though missing dedicated graphics may disappoint some of the users yet improved Intel HD 4600 graphics can run almost all PC games.  However, you may not able to run all games in high details and settings. Satellite S75-A7111 comes with 1TB storage, which means ample storage, but a faster hard drive or hybrid hard drive would have enhanced overall performance of the laptop. It also comes with massive 16GB memory.  All necessary ports and connectivity features are present in this machine. Battery life, however, is average. Here is a brief review about specifications and performance of the laptop.

Specification and Performance of Toshiba Satellite S75-A7111

Toshiba Satellite S75-A7111 Intel Core i7-4700MQ processor operates with 2.4 GHz frequency and core frequency can boost up to 3.4 GHz. Due to Hyperthreading Technology, 4 cores together can handle 8threads at a time. It’s a great CPU for power demanding applications. It comes with integrated Intel HD 4600 graphics. Unfortunately the graphics is the only graphics solution for this laptop. Muscled with 16GB memory, it can run games like The Elder Scrolls Online, Titanfall, X-Plane 10.25, Call of Duty: Ghosts and Battlefield 4 in low to medium resolution and setting. The laptop offers reasonable performance for photo editing, video editing and architectural applications.

The 17.3” screen comes with 1600X 900 pixels resolution which supports up to 900p video playback but cannot display 1080p contents. Those who want to use the laptop for video editing, 3D modelling and also want to use high resolution screen, this could be disappointing.

Satellite S75-A7111 comes with 1TB hard drive which means ample storage but again, as it is a professional grade laptop, slow hard drive may create a bottleneck while running disk-intensive applications.

It comes with a wide range of ports as well. User will get three USB ports (two of which are USB 3.0), VGA and HDMI, Gigabit Ethernet port, a multi-format card reader, a DVD rewriter and separate headphone and microphone jacks. One of the USB 3.0 ports also supports Sleep and Charge, so you can charge external devices on this laptop. Network connectivity is supported by Gigabit Ethernet port and 802.11 b/g/n. Bluetooth connectivity is missing though.

As informed earlier, battery life is average. The 6 cell 4800mAh lithium ion battery offers up to 4 hours of battery life.

Pros of Satellite S75-A7111

Ample memory and Storage

Budget laptop with strong features

Cons of Satellite S75-A7111

Low resolution screen

No SSD or faster hard drive.

HP 15-r030nr notebook PC

HP 15-r030nr notebook PC is a budget laptop for everyday use and is fast enough for demanding tasks like encoding/decoding media, watching videos and syncing with other external devices through HDMI. HP 15-r030nr comes with 2.16 GHz, Intel Pentium N3530 quad core processor which is based on Intel’s latest Bay Trail Mobile architecture. With 4GB memory, it offers enough performance for standard multitasking. However, integrated HD graphics is not as good as Intel HD 4400 graphics that comes with 4th generation/Haswell ULV processor. Thus, user shouldn’t expect much gaming experience from this laptop.  Some less resource demanding games and Windows app games are playable in this laptop.  It comes with decent battery life.  3-cell (31 WHr) Li-ion polymer battery pack offers up to 5.15 hours of battery backup, once fully charged. HP 15-r030nr is not a touchscreen laptop. The weight of the laptop is around 4.92 lbs and it can be carried out easily. The laptop is available at HP’s own shopping sites as well as at Amazon. At $430, it is not quite cheap but is well in sync with other similar featured budget laptops available in the market. Read further to know more about this laptop:

Specification and Performance of HP 15-r030nr

Intel Pentium N3530M is a quad core processor which operates with base speed of 2.16GHz and, due to Burst Technology, the clock speed can further rise up to 2.58GHz, on system demand. The processor has 2MB of cache. Compared with Intel core i3-4010u, it is slightly underperformer. However, single threaded program will get more benefits from Pentium N3530M processor. HP 15-r030nr comes with on chip Intel HD graphics which supports DirectX 11.The graphics operates with 313-896 MHz.  Low end games like Dota 2, Dead space 3, Fifa 14 etc can be played in low resolution and settings. This laptop can stream videos seamlessly.

HP 15-r030nr comes with 4GB RAM, arranged in single slot. It comes with 500GB 5400rpm hard drive. Hard drive is preloaded with Windows 8.1 64 bit operating system plus other trial and HP’s own proprietary software.

The 15.6” (measured diagonally) HD LED-backlit offers maximum resolution of 1366 x 768. Thus, it supports only up to 720p HD video playback.

Ports and connectivity features in the laptop include 1 USB 3.0; 2 USB 2.0; 1 HDMI; 1 RJ-45; 1 headphone/microphone combo and SD card reader. There is an inbuilt webcam as well. Wireless network connectivity is limited to 802.11 b/g/n and it offers Fast Ethernet.

Pros of HP 15-r030nr

Affordable laptop for everyday computing

USB 3.0 port

Good battery life

Cons of HP 15-r030nr

Not a touch screen laptop.

No Bluetooth

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