Acer AOD255E-13438 Review

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace and with the implementation of latest technology, computer manufactures are able to keep price of netbooks and laptops low. Now you can buy a netbook under $250, like Acer AOD255E-13438, which is available at $228 at the time of writing this review. Of course, you can’t expect powerful performance from it, but if you are college student or have to travel a lot, without need of executing complex tasks, this netbook could suit you best. With the help of Acer AOD255E-13438 you can browse mail and website, work in office softwares. It also offers standard quality of video chatting as it comes with 0.3 megapixel webcam.

Processor- While selecting a netbook, one of the main choices that you will have to make is the processor type that is whether your work requires single core or dual core processor. Acer AOD255E-13438 is equipped with 1.66Hz Intel Atom N455 processor, which is a single core processor. It comprises of 512KB cache memory. This single core processor is able to deliver basic performances. However, if you need netbook with enhanced multitasking features then you should go for dual core processor with hyper threading technology like Atom N550 or N570 processor.

AOD255E-13438 comes with only 1GB DDR3 RAM. The netbook is integrated with Microsoft Windows 7 starter which needs less memory, so there is no need to worry regarding the amount of base memory.

Acer AOD255E-13438 offers 160GB hard drive which is sufficient for daily tasks. If you need more hard disk space then you can choose AOD255E-13899 model of same Acer D255e series. Acer AOD255E-13899 offers 250GB Hard drive. The HDD speed for both netbook is 5400 rpm.

Display-Acer AOD255E-13438 comes with 10.1” LED backlit LCD display which is standard with almost all netbooks available in this price range.

Graphics- Inside AOD255E-13438, Intel GMA 3150 graphics is incorporated with 64MB memory, the graphics is onboard graphics and uses system memory. Though it supports Microsoft DirectX 9 yet you won’t be able to play 3D games even in lower settings and details. You can play card games or other similar games which doesn’t have 3D rendering. Less memory and processor is another factor why you can’t play games in this netbook.

When comes to network connectivity, the AOD255E-13438 offers both wired networking (10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet) and wireless networking (802.11 b/g/n).

But there is no Bluetooth support.

The netbook does have 0.3 megapixel webcam, not very impressive specification for a webcam, but it is enough for video chatting.

There are 3 USB 2.0 ports but it doesn’t have HDMI port as graphics doesn’t support HDMI interface. Like other netbooks, AOD255E-13438 does not come with optical drive. But it has 2-in-1 media card reader that support multimedia card and secure digital card.


Pros of Acer AOD255E-13438


3 USB 2.0 ports

Cons of Acer AOD255E-13438

No Bluetooth support

Less memory

Low end processor

Final thoughts

As there are a number of options available when you are going to buy a netbook, you may protect yourself from over expenditure if consider your actual requirement. So, if you need a netbook for simple and regular tasks, then buying Acer AOD255E-13438 will be a good decision.

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