Acer AOHAPPY2-13666-Acer Aspire One Happy 2 netbook

Most of the students dread the phrase “back to school”, after summer holidays, but computer manufactures, catering to this segment of clients, consider this time of the year as highly productive.  This year also manufacturers have lined up new and interesting models specially aimed at student community. For instance, Acer has come up with stylish Aspire One Happy 2 netbook series which comes in different fruit drink related color combinations like Strawberry, Yogurt, papaya milk, Banana cream etc. Aspire One Happy 2 series is designed to be your fun and cool companion. It also has matching touchpad and power button. The laptop for students must be sturdy, light weight, portable with long battery life and should deliver solid performance. Let us see how Acer Aspire One Happy 2 is going to play all the roles. We will discuss here about AOHAPPY2-13666 model.

Processor– Under the stylish cover of Acer AOHAPPY2-13666 lies Intel Atom N570 processor which is a dual core processor with Hyper Threading technology. Each core can process two threads at a time which means 4 threads can be processed at the same time. The processor works with 1.66GHz frequency and 1MB of cache. The processor directly communicates with memory with single channel memory controller. It also comprises of DMI which communicates with other peripherals. Thus, Intel Atom N570 processor is capable of multitasking to some extent.

Graphics-Acer AOHAPPY2-13666 netbook comes with Intel GMA 3150 graphics. In fact, graphics is incorporated into processor chip in case of Intel Atom N570 processor. The graphics delivers moderate tasks only and, also, doesn’t support HDMI. You can’t expect to play high demanding flash games; even low end games like World of warcraft is hard to run even in low settings.

RAM and HDD-Acer Aspire One Happy 2 comes with 1GB of DDR3 memory and no free memory slot is available. The memory speed grade it supports is DDR3-1066/PC3-8500. Acer AOHAPPY2-13666 offers 250GB hard drive which is just sufficient for students. The operating system is Windows 7 starter.

Display: 10.1 Active matrix TFT color LCD features LED backlit and offers 1024 x 600 resolution

Other significant features of Acer Aspire One Happy 2- model AOHAPPY2-13666 are as follows

3 USB 2.0 ports

0.3 megapixel webcam  for video chatting

Fast Ethernet

802.11 b/g/n Wi-fi support

Multi format supporting media card reader

Multi gesture touchpad

Acer Aspire One Happy 2 AOHAPPY2-13666 is devoid of DVD burner, as most netbooks lack this feature to reduce weight of the machine and make it portable. If you need DVD burner then you have to buy a USB DVD burner. It weighs just 2.5lbs.

The 3 cell lithium ion battery provides up to 4 hours of battery life and comes with 1 year limited International Travelers warranty.

Pros of Acer AOHAPPY2-13666

250 GB hard drive

2 USB 2.0 port

dual core processor with Hyperthreading, thus, provide efficient multitasking

Cons of Acer Aspire one Happy 2 AOHAPPY2-13666

No Bluetooth.

No DVD burner

Final thoughts 

The price of $248 is quite appreciable for this netbook as you are getting a dual core processor with hyperthreading technology.



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