Acer Aspire AS7750-6669 17.3″ Laptop Review

Whether you’re searching for an affordable desktop replacement laptop or just need a compact PC for home use, Acer Aspire AS7750-6669 could prove to be a decent choice. Powered by Intel Core i3-2350M processor, this laptop from Acer  not only enables you to perform regular computing work but you can also watch video in high definition environment and do occasional photo and video editing. Besides core i3 processor, the laptop incorporates host of other impressive features as well. It is shipped with 6GB of memory and 1TB hard drive – to ensure users can run memory hungry application on this laptop and storage space should not an issue for some time to come. On the flip side, the hard drive comes with standard 5,400rpm speed and there is no dedicated graphics, to make most out of Acer AS7750-6669 laptop. Features included in the laptop justify its price ($500 approx). Here are more details about specifications and performance of the laptop –

Acer Aspire AS7750-6669 is integrated with 2.3 GHz Intel core i3-2350M processor and has 3MB of L3 cache. The processor supports Hyper Threading technology which enables it to handle two threads simultaneously. Thus, user will see significantly better performance, as compared with similarly clocked Pentium processors, while running multithread programs like Adobe photoshop.

Acer AS7750-6669 comes with Intel HD 3000 graphics, which is integrated graphics and is fused in the same processor die. It can make use of cache memory and system memory as well. The graphics is DirectX 10 capable and offers intermittent 3D gaming.  Games like Call of Duty Black ops, Starcraft 2, dirt 2 can be played in low details and setting. The graphics is excellent for high definition video playback. It supports full high definition (1080p) playback. However, the laptop screen doesn’t support full HD playback, as it has support for 720p only. To overcome this, the laptop comes with HDMI output so that one can watch HD video playbacks after connecting the laptop to High definition TV or monitor.

As told earlier AspireAS7750-6669 is installed with 1TB hard drive to store lots of movies and software. This is definitely good news for movie enthusiasts and people who download lots of stuff from internet. Also, 6GB memory is enough for regular multitasking.

The screen size of the laptop is 17.3” inch which places it under desktop replacement category. Above all, it is a boon for home offices, students and small businesses. The screen features Active Matrix TFT Color LCD with max resolution of 1600 by 900.

Other remarkable features of Acer AspireAS7750-6669 are

3 USB 2.0 ports

Media card reader that supports xD-Picture Card,Memory Stick, MS Pro, SD and MMC

DVD writer

1.3 MP HD webcam

Gigabit Ethernet
IEEE 802.11b/g/n

4400  mAh battery pack offers 4 hour of continuous battery life.

Pros of Acer AS7750-6669

Enough hard drive space

Cheap laptop

6 GB memory

Cons of AS7750-6669

No Bluetooth

No USB 3.0

Low battery life

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