Acer ICONIA A500 Tablet

Acer has recently unveiled its latest Tablet, Acer ICONIA Tab, which is available in both Android and Windows versions. It seems Acer does not want to let down its consumers’ expectations. Probably it’s for this reason that they have released the ICONIA Tab in both Windows and Android versions. We have already discussed Acer ICONIA W500 which comes with Windows operating system. Here we are going to discuss about Acer ICONIA A500 which runs on Android 3.0(Honeycomb) and is powered by NVIDIA Tegra 2 chip. So far, Acer ICONIA A500-10S16U is up for sale at Bestbuy, but in preorder status. Below is the specification of Acer ICONIA A500 Tab.

Acer ICONIA A500 specs

Inside the Aluminum unibody cover, NVIDIA Tegra 2 chip is installed to power the ICONIA A series of tablet. The NVIDIA Tegra 2 is equipped with ARM Cortex-A9 CPU which is dual core cpu designed for mobile devices. The processing speed of the CPU is 1 GHz. and it incorporates 1MB of L2 cache.

Graphics part is represented by ULP Geforce GPU and a video processor that can run Full HD (1080p) contents. However, Acer ICONIA A500-10S16U is able to display contents only up to 720p. It also supports HDMI, so users can watch video in full HD on their HDTV. The GPU enables you to play high level games It comes preloaded with  Need for Speed: SHIFT and  Let’s Golf.

Acer ICONIA A500 tab offers 1GB of DDR2 memory.

Like its sibling, the screen of Acer ICONIA A500 tab measures 10.1” diagonally with maximum resolution of 1280X800 in 16:10 aspect. Thus, the device is capable of displaying 720p HD playback. The touchscreen offers 10-point multi-touch control.

Acer ICONIA A500-10S16U model offers 16GB of internal storage capacity. It also comprises of MicroSD card slot. Thus, on requirement, you can increase storage capacity with MicroSD or SDHC card up to 32GB.

When comes to network connectivity support, the ICONIA A500 comes with 802.11 b/g/n wi-fi and bluetooth  EDR 2.1 support. There is 1 USB port which helps you connecting your Tab to PC

Acer ICONIA A500 boasts of dual camera- 5 megapixel rear-facing and 2 megapixel front facing camera. Front facing camera helps you to video chat with your friends.

The Audio is supported by Dolby Advanced Audio

Acer ICONIA A500 Tab weighs only 1.7lbs and can play up to 8Hours of continuous HD playback as per specs.

Acer ICONIA A series Tab comes with Android market place, so you can download free and paid apps. The device cost you around $450.

Final thoughts

Will Acer ICONIA be able to compete with its strong counterparts like Apple Ipad2 or Samsung Galaxy Tab S? It would be too early to comment on this topic. However, it is for sure that Acer has put its full effort in making the device a worthy competitor in the Tablet market space by unveiling both Windows and Android versions. Idea being to attract Windows crowds to ICONIA W series and pull Android fans to ICONIA A series.


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