AMD A series A6-3400M Laptop APU Review

AMD has launched a number of Fusion APUs, fabricated with 32nm and 40nm lithography technology, in the year 2011.  AMD A series A6-3400M Accelerated Unit belongs to 32nm family, which comprises of a Quad core processor and 320 Radeon core Radeon HD 6520G graphics, both fused into a single chip. Code name given to the A series of APU is Llano. It seems fusion of components on CPU die has become the current market trend. Earlier, as in Intel Sandy Bridge Processor, the cpu cores and graphics were found to be sharing the same die.  The processor cores of A6-3400M are clocked at 1.4GHz frequency and, on requirement, the frequency can increase up to 2.3GHz. This feature is enabled, thanks to AMD’s turbo core technology. AMD A6-3400M APU has 4MB of L2 cache shared equally by each core and the TDP is 35 watt.

AMDA series A6-3400M quad core processor includes dual channel memory controller and supports PCI Express 2.0 interface. However, every laptop manufacturer doesn’t provide PCI extension.  AMD A6-3400M quad core processor fits in FS1 socket and supports DDR3-1333 and DDR3L-1333 memory speed grades.

Integrated Radeon HD 6520G graphics operates with 400MHz frequency and the graphics supports DirectX 11. The A6-3400M APU also sports UVD 3, a video decoder which decodes video data including HD video.  The GPU incorporates 320 shader cores which allows casual gaming and is comparable with Entry Level integrated graphics. It also supports HDMI. Introduction of technologies like AMD steady Video and AMD perfect Picture HD provide smooth video playback with good color contrast.

Other advanced features offered by A6-3400M quad core APU are instruction set extensions up to SSE4A and turbo core technology, which is the latest introduction from AMD in mobile processors. It also comes with standard AMD64 and virtualization technology.

The advantages of amalgamation of components in CPU die are many, including better space utilization, cost-cutting and longer battery life. Secondly, as key components are located on a single die, faster communication rate is achieved. One can get improved performance without any increase in cost price. However, there are differences between Intel Sandy Bridge quad core processors and AMD A6-3400M quad core processor. The major difference between Intel Sandy Bridge processor, like i5-2410M, and A6-3400 is that i5-2410m comes with 3MB of smart cache which can be shared by processor cores and graphics. However, AMD A6-3400M sports L2 cache only.

The closest competitor of AMD A6-3400M is Intel core i5-2510M which is a dual core processor but comes with  Hyper threading technology.

Benchmark of AMD A series A6-3400M

The passmark score for AMD A6-3400M is 3393 while the passmark score for Intel core i5-2410M is 3330.

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