AMD A6-5200 vs Intel core i3-3110M vs Intel core i3-3120M

AMD always wants to deliver more performance at a competitive price and AMD A6-5200 accelerated processor or APU is a good example this gesture.  Intel core i3-3110M and core i3-3120M are the main competitors of AMD A6-5200.  Even though Intel processors operate with higher clock speed, still they have fewer cores.  It has been observed that AMD offers more cores for same or lesser price than its Intel counterpart.  Now question arises, which one is better of the two?  Being an Intel or AMD fan, you can’t just say that Intel core i3-3110M/ AMD A6-5200M is the best.  That would be absurd. Let us start by comparing specifications of each of the processors.

AMD A6-5200 is a quad core accelerated processor, with each core operating with 2GHz frequency, and has 2MB L2 cache. L2 cache is faster than L3 cache. More cores can process multiple programs and threads at the same time.

Both Intel Core i3-3110M and Core i3-3120M are dual core processors. Intel core i3-3110M operates with 2.4GHz while Intel core i3-3120M operates with 2.5GHz.  There is no denying the fact that Intel core i3 has Hyperthreading technology which enables each of the cores to handle two threads at a time and act as quad core processor to the operating system. Two virtual cores, however, are not as fast as physical cores because there will be instances when both of the virtual cores would be using the same part of the physical core. It may reduce the performance.

When it comes to single threaded application, both  Intel core i3 processors will get advantage over AMD A6-5200 APU.

AMD A6-5200M is fabricated with 28nm technology while Intel core i3-3120M and Intel core i3-3110M uses 22nm manufacturing process. However, both the manufactures use different process of fabrication.


AMD A6-5200 comes with Radeon HD 8400 integrated graphics, based on GCN architecture of AMD, which is comparable to Intel’s HD 4000 graphics. Both the graphics are DirectX 11 capable but both the graphics do not support high end PC gaming and are capable of running low demanding games only.

TDP Rating

AMD A6-5200 comes with low TDP rating (25w) as compared to Intel core i3-3110M and core i3-3120M (35w). Thus, AMD A6-5200 is more energy efficient.

Additional features

AMD A6-5200 comes with AES Instruction Set which helps in protecting your data. This feature is not available with Intel core i3 ivybridge mainstream processor. On the other hand, Intel core i3-3110M and i3-3120M incorporate Execute disable bit feature which provides protection from processing of malicious programs.


The passmark score for AMD A6-5200 is 2437 while that of i3-3110M is 3080 and i3-3120M is 3308


If you have to choose between Intel core i3 powered laptop or AMD A6-5200, then both CPU and APU are decent for regular computing and casual gaming.

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