ASUS F502CA-EB31 and ASUS F502CA-EB91

ASUS F502CA-EB31 and ASUS F502CA-EB91 are 15.6” Notebooks and are designed for home and home office usage. It is a decent choice for students as well, if they don’t need to run CPU intensive tasks like AutoCAD, Revit and other similar applications. Both are light weight (4.4lbs) mid-sized notebooks. ASUS F502CA-EB31 comes with Intel core i3-2367M which is a sandy Bridge processor.  However, ASUS F502CA-EB91 comes with Intel Pentium comes 2117U processor which is an Ivy Bridge processor. Both the laptops are installed with 500GB hard drive and 4 GB memory. To make these notebooks light, the manufacturer has withdrawn the optical drive (dvd burner) option. So if you need external DVD burner, it will cost you another $25-$50. Label price of both notebooks is around $350. Let us see how the computer appeals to a buyer/user.  Here is a brief review about these two notebooks

ASUS F502CA-EB31 and ASUS F502CA-EB91 specs and performance

ASUS has integrated i3-2367M Sandy Bridge processor, which is clocked with 1.4 GHz frequency, in ASUS F502CA-EB31 notebook. Though it is a dual core processor still it is not as fast as third generation i3 -3110M processor. However, considering the performance, it is little better than E1-2500 AMD APU. Core i3-2367M processor comes with hyperthreading technology with can handle multiple thread at a time. Thus, it will offer better computing. The processor is paired with Intel HD 3000 graphics, which is a competent graphics but has low processing speed, and this may hinder overall performance of the notebook. Still, it is competent enough to perform basic tasks like typing office documents and surfing web smoothly. However, video editing and playing high end games should be avoided on these laptops.

If you need little more performance with in similar price tag then you may choose ASUS F502CA-EB91 which is installed with Intel Pentium 2117U processor. The processor is clocked with 1.9 GHz frequency and has 1MB less cache memory.  Hyperthreading feature is missing in Pentium 2117U processor. However, this notebook will support high end gaming.

Both ASUS F502CA-EB31 and ASUS F502CA-EB91 come with 4GB memory. The maximum limit of supported memory is 4GB on both the ASUS models. The notebooks come with 500GB hard drive with hard drive speed of 5400 rpm. Windows 8 operating system is preinstalled in the notebooks.

The resolution of display is 1366*768

Ports and connectivity features include 2 x USB 2.0, 1 x USB 3.0, 1 x VGA, 1 x HDMI, 1 x Audio Jack

Network connectivity is supported by gigabit Ethernet and integrated 802.11 b/g/n wi-fi. Bluetooth feature is lacking in both ASUS F502CA-EB31 and ASUS F502CA-EB91.

The laptops sport chicket style keyboard and come with dedicated numeric keypad.

The 37WHrs, 2600mAh,4S1P, 4-cell Li-ion Battery pack offers  up to 5 hours of battery life, on single charge.


Budget laptop

USB 3.0 port available


No DVD burner

ASUS F502CA-EB31 and ASUS F502CA-EB91 are Windows 8 notebooks, without touch screen feature.  So it is quite possible that some of the users may face initial operational difficulty.

if you are looking for troubleshooting  for your ASUS F502CA series of  notebook or laptop, you can visit

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