If mobility is your main preference and you need a basic Touch screen laptop then ASUS X200CA-HCL1104G could be an intelligent choice. Weighing around 3 pounds, this little Black laptop has plenty of similarities with an ultrabook in terms of appearance.  However, it is not an Ultrabook. Aesthetically, this 11.6” laptop is very thin and simple with rounded corners.  ASUS X200CA-HCL1104G features 1.5 GHz dual core Intel Celeron 1007u processor which offers optimal performance for day to day computing tasks like processing documents, web browsing etc. Gaming performance will be explicably weak due to low end Celeron processor. Even though recent games like Battlefield 4, call of duty Ghost are not playable in this laptop, you shouldn’t rule out low end gaming provided you’re ready to drop fancy extra settings. ASUS X200CA-HCL1104G comes with 4 GB memory and 320 GB hard drive but lacks optical drive. However, it does come with USB 3.0 ports. Here is a brief review about this machine.

ASUS X200CA-HCL1104G  specification and performance

ASUS X200CA-HCL1104G comes with Intel Celeron 1007u dual core processor; with each core operating at 1.5 GHz frequency. The laptop comes with 2MB smart cache. It comes with Intel HD integrated graphics which operates with 350 MHz and can overclock up to 1 MHZ on system demand. With 4 GB memory, it delivers enough performance for regular computing like typing documents, browsing internet, social media interaction and video chatting. As told earlier, it offers low end gaming as well. Diablo III, Dota 2, Starcraft II heart of the swarm etc are playable in low details and settings. Older games like Burnout paradise and Fallout New Vegas are also playable in this laptop. Though Fall out Vegas is officially not support on Windows 8 but, according to our trusted source, it is compatible with Windows 8. At the first hand, this laptop is not designed for gaming. Intel Celeron 1007u offers more processing power than AMD E-300 APU

The 11.6” HD Touch screen of ASUS X200CA-HCL1104G offers 1366 X 768 native resolutions which offer crisp pictures. It comes integrated with a HD Webcam. Chiclet style keyboard lacks dedicated numeric keypad (we can’t expect at this price). Asus has done a good job in making touch pad large enough for user convenience.

ASUS X200CA-HCL1104G comes with 4GB memory which is soldered onto motherboard. Hence, memory is not expandable. 320GB hard drive comes preloaded with Windows 8 OS.

Ports include 1 x COMBO audio jack,1 x VGA port/Mini D-sub 15-pin for external monitor and projectors,1 x USB 3.0 port, 2 x USB 2.0 ports, 1 x RJ45 LAN Jack for LAN insert, 1 x HDMI. The network connectivity is supported by Fast Ethernet LAN, 802.11 b/g/n wi-fi and Bluetooth.

3 cell 33 whr battery offers 3-4 hours of battery life, however, the battery life is dependent upon usage.

Pros of ASUS X200CA-HCL1104G

Inexpensive touch screen laptop


Cons of ASUS X200CA-HCL1104G

Only 320 GB storage


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  1. Sofia Koutsouveli says:

    If this netbook had gigabit ethernet, I’d buy it. No gigabit, no buy!

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