ASUS X401A-BCL0705Y is Intel Celeron 1000M equipped budget laptop, intended for basic usage like typing documents, emailing, social media and browsing web.  This 14” notebook laptop weighs only 4.1lbs, so users can easily carry it out. However, it comes with limited number of ports – only 1 USB 3.0 and 1 USB 2.0 port. Even low end notebooks, nowadays, come with 3 USB ports. Optical drive or DVD burner is missing here, as well. Light weight laptops or notebooks usually lack an optical drive. ASUS X401A-BCL0705Y comes with 4 GB memory and 1 MP webcam. It is not a touch enabled system. The price of the notebook is around $300-$330 and it is available at Newegg and Tigerdirect. The lowest price for this laptop is around $250 at Walmart. Read further to know more about this system.

ASUS X401A-BCL0705Y Performance and specification

ASUS X401ABCL0705Y is powered by Intel Celeron 1000M processor which is a dual core processor and operates with 1.8 GHz frequency. This processor is 3rd generation or Ivy Bridge Celeron processor which comes with Integrated HD graphics. Though ASUS X401A-BCL0705Y is not a gaming machine yet you can play some older games in low to medium details and settings. Star craft 2, NFS The Run, Skyrim, Team fortress 2 , F1-2012, Far Cry 2 etc. are playable with 20-30 fps. Intel HD graphics operates with basic 650MHz and the frequency can rise up to 1.1 GHz. However, Intel Celeron 1000M is not Turboboost and Hyperthreading enabled. Celeron 1000M is faster when compared with Intel Celeron B820.

ASUS X401A-BCL0705Y is installed with traditional 2.5” SATA hard drive which offers 320 GB storage solution and works with 5400 rpm speed. The hard drive is preinstalled with windows 8 OS. It comes with 4GB DDR3 1600 MHz SDRAM.

The 14” HD LED backlight display offers 1366 by 768 pixel resolution which supports 720p HD playback.

As told earlier, ASUS X401ABCL0705Y offers limited number of USB ports- 1USB 3.0 and 1 USB 2.0. Beside this, it comes with audio jack, HDMI output, VGA and RJ 45 connector. There is a media card reader which supports SD/ MMC formats.

Network feature is supported by Gigabit Ethernet LAN and 802.11 b/g/n Wi-fi

The 6 cell lithium ion battery offers up to 4 hours of battery life on single charge.

Pros of ASUS X401A-BCL0705Y

Budget laptop for everyday use

Light weight

Cons of ASUS X401A-BCL0705Y

Only two USB ports

No DVD burner


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  1. daniel says:

    Can I expect any problems playing a 720 or 1080 movie file through this machines hdmi to a 50″ flat screen?

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