Powered by Intel Celeron 1007u processor, ASUS X551CA-HCL1201L has been designed for everyday use. It can handle tasks like documents processing, web browsing, video chatting and social networking.  Though the processor belongs to low-end category yet it is capable of streaming HD videos. ASUS X551CA-HCL1201L comes with 4 GB memory and 500GB hard drive. This 15.6” laptop weighs around 4.75 lbs, thus it is easy to lug around. However, the low weight comes at the cost of optical drive. Also, it offers only 2 USB ports.  Best Buy is offering ASUS X551CA-HCL1201L at an extremely bargain price of $280 as a bundle (Cyber week sale) which includes Internet security software, a sleeve case, a wireless mouse and a compact flash drive. Is this inexpensive 15.6-inch notebook worth its price? Read the review to know more about the performance and specifications of this laptop.

ASUS X551CA-HCL1201L specification and performance

Intel Celeron 1007u operates with 1.5 GHz and boasts of 2 MB of smart cache. The processor is 3rd generation Intel Celeron processor and is a dual core processor. It is integrated with Intel HD Graphics which operates with 350 MHz and the frequency can boost up to 1 GHz. Intel HD graphics is the only graphics option available with ASUS X551CA-HCL1201L.

ASUS X551CA-HCL1201L offers performance for regular computing but doesn’t support latest games, even in low settings.  However, older games like Trackmania Nations Forever can run on this machine.

ASUS X551CA-HCL1201L comes with 4 GB memory and it is the limit as there is no option for further memory expansion. However 4 GB memory is sufficient for basic multitasking. The 500GB hard drive operates with 5400 rpm and comes   preloaded with Windows 8 OS.

The 15.6” LED backlit HD display offers 1366 X 768 pixels resolution which is common for all budget 15.6” laptops and notebooks. It supports 720p high definition playback.

As told earlier, this laptop model from ASUS comes with only 2 USB port and 1 USB 3.0 port.  Besides USB ports there is a HDMI output, RJ 45 jack and audio ports. It also comes with integrated webcam.

Network connectivity is supported by 10/100/1000 Mbps Gigabit Ethernet for wired connectivity and 802.11 b/g/n for wire-less connectivity. Bluetooth connectivity is available

Pros of ASUS X551CA-HCL1201L

Inexpensive laptop

500 GB hard drive (generally, similar priced laptops offer 320GB hard drive space)


Cons of ASUS X551CA-HCL1201L

Only 2 USB ports

24 Responses to ASUS X551CA-HCL1201L

  1. bob says:

    Thank you for such a great review. You saved me lots of time having to shop around.

  2. gokhan says:

    Does that computer have DVD driver?

  3. SteffyNat says:

    I i purchase Microsoft Office … Can I install it on this laptop?

  4. turian says:

    Can I adapt it an internal dvd drive im asking this because it seems to have the entry but doesnt have de dvd drive

  5. Chris says:

    Can you add an internal DVD drive? The previous comment was unclear. I’d like to use the internal DVD drive from my previous laptop. I’d rather not use an external DVD drive.

  6. Matt says:

    Can I install the sims 3 with an external cd drive…and will it run decently? If not what kind of graphics card would I have to get that’s compatable with this computer?

    • Jamere says:

      I have this computer and installed sims 3 with a few expansion packs, I played it in low setting for a while and it would crash after 3 to 4 hours of playing but I took a chance anyway and turned the setting all the way up and it never crashed again but it does lag a little bit when put in fast forward mode

  7. jesse says:

    How do you install the internet security they give yout on a disk if there’s no disk drive

    • wpadmin says:

      You have two options. First, you can buy or borrow an external drive.
      second- try download and then install it using activation key that comes with cD/DVD

  8. zack says:

    Can you add a video card to this computer? Just a small one to help operate counter strike and rust. We cannot get rust to run on the 2 of these we have.

  9. ken ketchum says:

    I own this laptop and it’s a very decent laptop.

    This article’s actually pretty accurate although it does leave out some remarkable things about this pc.

    It’s internals are more akin to a tablet than a actual full scale pc.

    It does not have a optical drive, although it has an empty bay.

    There is not removable battery, as the battery is inside, sealed up.

    The charger is pretty remarkable in that it’s so small, you can also get a adapter kit, and make this USB chargeable.

    That means, you can plug it into a external battery pack, into standard phone chargers and some other things to charge it on the go.

    This laptop can be modded into a very lightweight(comes weighted down-4.7pnds)laptop.

    It’s very very very cheaply made. The article has it a contradiction, saying it has 2 usb 2.0/1 usb 3.0 then at end of article says it only has 2 usb ports. It only has 2. 1 usb 2.0/1 usb 3.0.

    People keep asking the oddest of questions, like, “how do you use this dang thing if it’s not got a dvd drive”,,,

    After years of using netbooks and ultrabooks, I can’t even believe anyone would ask this question? It’s called an external drive. They are USB powered, slimline and can be had for as cheap as 20-30 dollars. I’ve been using ultrabooks and netbooks for about 10 years, so having an external drive is a MUST, even for general purpose use, etc.

    This is a very nice but at first very odd laptop until you see the genius behind it. Think of it as a giant netbook.

    It will play a lot more games and do a lot more things than this article mentions, and this article misses some of the most amazing and key points of why someone who wants to hack//mod their machine into “THEIR” machine!!!

    This laptop does all that. You can make it into a lightweight behemoth gadget that will do a lot of things that other laptops can’t due to their hardware and wiring.

  10. ken ketchum says:

    I should add, the most important mod that can be done to this machine IF you are going to make it more mobile like a giant tablet is the removal of the sealed up hard drive.

    It comes with a 500gig drive, akin to what the early making of 2009’s cheap French tablet designers did with putting a full scale “DISC” drive into tiny 5-7inch tablets.

    This needs to have the disc drive removed and either you get the correct flash drive//SSD or ext kit harnassed in, so it can be more efficient with the USB charging.

    The battery on full speed//almost normal usage mode, will only last a couple hours, if you are lucky.

    SO, it’s critical if you want this to last as long as your tablet, and then last for a couple days not plugged in, otg, then you have to do the ext batt pack mods to the internals, etc, etc, etc,…

    I’m talking to people that want to use this laptop otg, and are experienced modders.

    TO the regular users, this is nice truly ALL IN ONE pc to sit somewhere in your home and use it for your net related fun. It would make a nice all in one pc for an old person who was never going to unplug it, ever, but need battery backup.

    BUT it’s also made to be opened up, modded and reconfig’d into something else also.

    Just remember it’s got a spinning drive in it and if you try to do recharger mods/battery mods remember this obstacle…

  11. maria borrego says:

    they gave me the internet security disk but how do I run it ? I cant figure out how to open the disk drive

  12. Dora Gardner says:

    Which cd-rom fits into this model – ASUS X551CA-HCL1201L ?

  13. Josh Allison says:

    What graphics card does it have?

    • wpadmin says:

      It has integrated Intel HD graphics ( for ivy bridge ULV processor) and comes with processor only. It doesn’t have dedicated graphics and you can’t upgrade graphics.

  14. aura says:

    as cd drive opens asus X551CA-HCL1201L

  15. Anjelika says:

    Is this computer touchscreen?

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