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Motorola ATRIX 4G Review

Motorola ATRIX4G – The future of smartphones

Motorola and AT&T’s joint innovation, Motorola ATRIX 4G, unveiled at CES 2011, got rave reviews and  went on to bag 10 awards. Dubbed as the most powerful smartphone in the world, ATRIX 4G, is truly a product of the future.  Motorola Press release highlights the uniqueness of ATRIX 4G with following words, “The world’s most powerful smartphone packs the power and capabilities of a PC in your pocket through Motorola’s revolutionary webtop”.

Let’s have a closure look at the features of ATRIX 4G.

Look wise Motorola ATRIX is thin and stylish and is made of smooth black plastic with a fade pattern on the back panel. This Candy bar form factor Android smartphone is just 2.5 × 4.6 × 0.4 inches and weighs 4.8 ounces.  Its 4 inch display screen produces sharp picture at a resolution of 960X540 pixels. It can be placed next only to Apple’s 960X640 Retina Display on the iPhone 4. ATRIX 4G provides a biometric fingerprint reader, as an extra layer of security, which can be used to unlock the phone instead of providing passcode.

At the core of Motorola ATRIX 4G is Android 2.2 Froyo running on Nvidia Tegra 2 processor, a dual core processor (ARM Cortex-A9 cores) with each core running at 1 GHz, capable of delivering up to two GHz of processing power and 1GB of RAM. This in itself makes ATRIX 4G a powerhouse.  Motorola has plans to update the phone to Android 2.3. It also boasts of world’s first qHD display for a smartphone.  ATRIX 4G sports bright and crisp screen with 4.0 inch qHD display having 24-bit color graphics, making indoors and outdoors reading equally comfortable.

Motorola ATRIX supports HD video capture and replay for most multimedia standards. This means you can make your own video in High Definition and watch it either on a desktop or a HD Television.  Storage is not an issue as the phone comes with a 16GB internal memory and provides the option to add MicroSD card upto 32GB. It comes with two cameras, a 5MP camera at the back and a VGA camera at the front for video chat.

ATRIX 4G provides 9 hours of talk time with its 1930 mAH lithium cell battery pack.

Laptop dock

What makes ATRIX 4G stand apart from the rest of the crowd is Motorola’s proprietary webtop application and two accessory docks. The webtop application, a customized build of Linux over Android, enables users to run multiple tasks without interruption such as running Android application, browsing websites on a full Firefox browser, making phone calls and sending instant messages.

The Motorola Laptop dock comes with 11.6 inch screen and fully functional keyboard. It has its own three-cell battery pack and can deliver up to 8 hours of battery life. All you need to do, to bring your ATRIX 4G to life, is to dock it into the back of Laptop Dock.  Now experience the power of true mobility with an active machine hooked on to internet.

The other companion dock for ATRIX 4G, Motorola HD Multimedia Dock, comes with three USB ports and one HDMI port. You can easily connect a mouse, a keyboard, multimedia speakers and HDMI compatible monitor or an HD television to the multimedia Dock.

Motorola ATRIX 4G is supposed to operate on AT&T’s HSPA+ network.  However, AT&T still hasn’t officially launched the new network, so it is difficult to accurately evaluate the Smartphone’s speed. Currently Motorola ATRIX will connect to HSPA+ network, but may not give 4G speeds until its official launch.

With such revolutionary concepts turned into reality, the Motorola ATRIX 4G shows us what the future of mobile computing could be in coming years. There might be some bugs along the way which need to be dealt with, before we can actually enjoy the fruits of such an innovation. On the downside, a price tag of around $500, for both the phone and the laptop dock, makes ATRIX 4G slightly overpriced.

Sony Ericsson Launches Xperia Arc On Gingerbread

Sony Ericsson’s XPERIA Arc is the new smartphone from XPERIA product line of the company. It is also the first in the new generation of XPERIA smartphones to be announced by Sony Ericsson in the year 2011. It is full of exciting features which are sure to be a hit among this generation of mobile enthusiasts.

XPERIA Arc sports stunning arc design with a wafer thin and light weight body, XPERIA Arc is just 8.7mm in the middle and weighs 117gms only. Sony Ericsson claims the body is made of premium material which makes it sleek yet strong and the design is perfectly ergonomical in shape.  XPERIA Arc is embedded with cutting edge Sony technology to deliver exceptional multimedia experience to the users. The most striking feature of the phone is its extra wide 4.2” multi-touch screen which Sony prefers to call the Reality Display. The screen provides exceptional visual quality and crystal clear image, thanks to Mobile BRAVIA Engine. XPERIA Arc boasts 8.1 megapixel back-facing camera with HD video recording capability and features good selection of settings to be tweaked, including auto focus, image stabilisation and face detection. Exmor R for mobile sensor, used in XPERIA Arc, is capable of capturing high quality, bright pictures and HD videos even in low light, which can be shared in HD on TV via the built in HDMI-connector. With all the above smart features it can be rightly termed as a multimedia smartphone.

Sony Ericsson Xperia ArcSony Xperia Arc is powered by Andriod 2.3 Gingerbread and runs on 1 GHz Qualcomm CPU with 512 MB of memory. Sony Ericsson insists that the Arc will get an update to Andriod 3.0 Honeycomb too. The Arc provides access to Google Mobile Services like Calendar, Maps, Talk and a host of other Android applications. It comes with Micro USB cable for charging, synchronisation and file transfer. Other notable features included in the phone are Facebook application and scaled down versions of Sony Ericsson Timescape and Mediascape.  With added apps and widgets you have the freedom to choose to add or remove them.  It will also make the phone much easier to update when new versions of Android come out. The phone operates on 1500mAh battery and will be available in two colors: Midnight Blue and Misty Silver.

XPERIA Arc is definitely a perfect blend of art and technology.  The designers at Sony Ericsson were thoughtful enough to pay heed to most of the responses to the earlier release of XPERIA and have tried to incorporate the changes in the Arc. Features included in the phone make  XPERIA Arc a high end phone and Sony Ericsson plan to place the Arc in premium smartphone category.  Without commenting on price Sony Ericsson’s press release states “Xperia™ smartphones add best in class entertainment on top of smartphone fundamentals such as apps, maps, email and fast Internet to create the most entertaining smartphone experience.”

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc is likely to be available in most markets from late Q1 to Q2 this year.

Blackberry Style 9670 – Review

Blackberry Style 9670, the new smartphone from RIM, is a bold step in a market chock-a-block with touch screen models. The Style 9670 smartphone is an extension of the BlackBerry product line – in a new form factor.  The device can be described as a combination of earlier BlackBerry features added with a full QWERTY keyboard and trackpad in a flip design, all packed in a trendy clamshell form factor. This design is claimed to be the best and a unique innovation from RIM. The most appealing aspect of this model is that you can further customize its looks and functions by installing the accessories of your choice.

Blackberry Style 9670 is a sleek clamshell phone that can be flipped opened and stands at 175.5 mm when opened.  It is approximately 96mm (L) x 60mm (W) x 18.5mm (H) when closed and weighs around 131g only. The smartphone comes with dual display screen which comprises of external screen and a main internal screen. The external screen is 2-inch wide with a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels and, most of the times, displays a large analogue clock. It pops up a preview of incoming e-mail or text message, before returning to the clock.  You discover a large 2.7-inch, 360 X 400 pixels TFT LCD internal screen on flipping open the Style.  The TFT screen supports around 65000 colors. Blackberry Style 9670 is unique in the sense that it is a touch free device.  Introduction of track pad replaces touch screen in Style which provides users with trackpad swipes instead of touch gestures on the screen. Once you flip open the phone, you will see a full QWERTY keyboard and a trackpad. The device comes with other great features including GPS, Wi-Fi, a 5 MP camera capable of video recording, internal memory of 512 megabytes and   8GB microSD card.

The Style 9670 is shipped with BlackBerry OS 6, making it the second handset after BlackBerry Torch, with RIM’s latest mobile OS. Only difference being that Style has a slower processor with 528 MHz speed when compared with 624 MHz of Torch.

The Style 9670 features integrated e-mail accounts (BBM, Yahoo Messenger, AIM, Windows Live, Google Talk and IM clients) into a single inbox. It also offers a choice to see messages in separate mailboxes. BlackBerry Style 9670 carries forward the legacy of strength in messaging as in earlier releases of BalckBerries.

On the social networking front, the Style comes pre-installed with official Facebook, MySpace and Twitter applications. You may customize the way the official apps integrate with BB6 using Apps available in BlackBerry App World.

BlackBerry 6 boasts of enhanced WebKit-based browser and also supports multiple open tabs at a time. The Style provides excellent speed over Wi-FI and is equally good when area is under good network coverage.

BlackBerry Style 9670 offers excellent battery life with its 1150 mAh Lithium ion battery pack. The fully charged battery can stay live upto 264 hours when kept on standby mode and offers the talk time of over 5 hours.   The complete charge of a battery can serve non-stop music entertainment for over 14 hours.

The Style comes in two vivid colors, Royal Purple and black with elegant dark chrome accents.

Here is a quick comparison of Style 9670 with other available models with similar features:

Model BlackBerry Style 9670 Samsung Epic 4G HTC EVO 4G RIM BlackBerry Bold 9650
Operating System: BlackBerry OS Android OS Android OS BlackBerry OS
Screen Size: 2.7 inches 4 inches 4.3 inches 2.4 inches
Screen Details: 2.7-inch, 65k-color 360×400 TFT LCD main screen; 2-inch, 320×240 TFT LCD external display 800×480, 16.7m-color Super AMOLED capacitive touch screen 800-by-480 TFT LCD capacitive touch screen 360×480, 262k-color TFT LCD screen
Camera: Yes Yes Yes Yes
Megapixels: 5 MP 5 MP 8 MP 3.2 MP
Camera Flash: Yes Yes Yes Yes
Flash Memory Type: Micro SD
802.11x: Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bluetooth: Yes Yes Yes Yes
Web Browser: Yes Yes Yes Yes
Form Factor: Flip Phone Slider Candy Bar Candy Bar
Bands: 850, 1900 850, 1900, 2600 850, 1900 850, 1900, 2100
High-Speed Data: 1xRTT, EVDO Rev 0, EVDO Rev A 1xRTT, EVDO Rev 0, EVDO Rev A, WiMAX 1xRTT, EVDO Rev 0, EVDO Rev A, WiMAX 1xRTT, UMTS, HSDPA, EVDO Rev 0, EVDO Rev A
Storage Capacity (as Tested): 256 MB 512 MB 1 GB 331 MB
Processor Speed: 624 MHz 1 GHz 1 GHz 528 MHz
Keyboard: Yes Yes No Yes
Continuous Talk Time: 5 hours 17 minutes 7 hours 24 minutes 6 hours 16 minutes