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HP 15AY075NR Review

If you are looking for a cheap laptop for regular computing then you can consider HP 15AY075NR which comes with 2GHz 5th generation Intel core i3-5005u processor and 6GB DDR3L memory. Considering Black Friday price, the deal looks quite attractive. As this is a cheap laptop, fancy features like backlit keyboard, USB 3.1 Type C port (for fast data transfer) and full HD display are missing in the configuration. It comes with standard keyboard and display supports up to 1366 X 768 pixel resolution which supports 720p content but not 1080p. Basically, HP 15AY075NR is designed for home users and students who don’t need to run high end programs like Adobe premiere pro, Revit, Blender etc. For day to day computing like working with documents, spreadsheets, creating presentation, web browsing, emailing/skype, streaming movies and videos, this laptop offers good performance. Alternatively, you can also consider Acer E5-575-33BM inexpensive laptop which is installed with Intel core i3-7100u processor, 4GB DDR4 RAM (expandable up to 32GB) and 1TB hard drive. 7th generation Intel core i3-7100u offers better performance than core i3-5005u processor as it operates at higher clock speed of 2.4GHz. The laptop has backlit keyboard, full HD display (1920 X 1080) and USB 3.1 Type C port as well. HP 15AY075NR offers only 500GB hard drive space. Again DDR4 memory is faster than DDR3L memory. However, none of these are high end laptop.

During the current holiday season, many sellers are coming up with attractive laptop deals. One such laptop is Acer Aspire E 15 E5-575G-53VG which comes with Intel core i5-6200u processor, 8GB DDR4 RAM and 256GB Solid State Drive. Solid State Drives are faster than traditional hard drives. It comes with NVIDIA Geforce 940MX graphics with 2GB GDDR5 RAM. Note that HP 15AY075NR comes with integrated Intel HD 5500 graphics which uses system memory. The Acer laptop is fast enough for day to day tasks and it also supports latest games like GTA V, Call of Duty Infinite warfare and XCOM2. Again, this laptop supports HD photo and video editing, AutoCAD, 3Ds Max program as well.

Intel core i3-5005u coming with HP 15AY075NR is an entry level core processor. Editing small video and image files can be done on this laptop but you will not get fast performance. When it comes to gaming, HP 15AY075NR supports casual gaming. High end games like GTA V and XCOM2 will struggle in this laptop. However, you can play Lego games, league of legends, Sims etc. Acer E5-575G-53VG comes with full HD display which offers more accurate colors than 1366 X 768 pixel display.

HP 15AY075NR comes with 6GB DDR3L and the memory is not user expandable. However, 6GB memory is enough for day to day computing. The laptop comes with 500GB 5400rpm hard drive. You can replace hard drive with Solid State drive, if you need faster performance.

The 15.6” display of HP 15-ay075nr or HP 15AY075NR supports max resolution of 1366 X 768 pixels which supports 720p content but not 1080p. However, with the help of HDMI you can watch full HD content on compatible TV and external monitor. It is not a touchscreen laptop.

Model: 15AY075NR offers standard ports and connectivity features and there is nothing special to talk about it. The laptop comes with 1 USB 3.0, 2 USB 2.0, 1 HDMI, 1 RJ-45, SD card reader and 1 headphone/microphone combo. It has webcam as well. The keyboard comes with dedicated numeric keypad.  In addition to standard set of ports, Acer E5-575-33BM comes with 2 USB 3.0 and 1 USB 3.1 Type C port. It also has one USB 2.0 port.

HP 15AY075NR offers both wireless and wired network connectivity. Wireless connectivity is supported by wireless ac and Bluetooth whereas wired connectivity is supported by 10/100Mbps Ethernet LAN. The battery offers up to 5 hours (approx.) of battery backup, depending upon usage.

HP 15-r052nr TouchSmart

HP 15-r052nr TouchSmart is a touch screen laptop available for just $400 (on sale at Officedepot). Original price of this laptop is much higher though. For this price, you don’t have to sacrifice performance, as this laptop is equipped with Intel core i3-4005u dual core processor. Though the processor is not fastest in its category, it still offers enough performance for tasks like word processing, working with spreadsheets, creating presentations, video chat, social networking and watching videos. HP 15-r052nr is installed with 4GB memory which is enough for basic multitasking and it comes with 500GB hard drive. As it is a budget laptop, we can’t expect backlit keyboard or brushed aluminum exterior. However, the laptop comes with USB 3.0 port and HDMI output. HP Pavilion 15-r052nr boasts inbuilt DVD drive as well.  It weighs around 5.37lbs, possibly due to touch screen and inbuilt DVD burner. Still it is not too heavy to lug round. At its current price, it is offers good value.  Here is a brief review about specifications and performance of the laptop:

Specification and Performance of HP 15-r052nr

HP 15-r052nr TouchSmart laptop comes with Intel core i3-4005u dual core processor which is an ultra-low voltage processor and is part of the Intel 4th generation processor. Each core operates with 1.7GHz which means it is little underperformer as compared with Intel core i3-4010u and AMD A6-6310 (as per benchmark). However, you will hardly notice any difference in day to day computing. HP 15-r052nr comes with Intel HD 4400 graphics. Though this kind of ULV processors are designed for low power consumption, this feature doesn’t come into effect while playing high end gamed and performing other CPU and GPU intensive tasks. You can, however, play low end games and some older titles like World of Warcraft. It can run games available in Windows App store very well. You can use this laptop for audio or video encoding but won’t get fast performance. HP 15-r052nr is not for CAD programing.

If you need a more powerful touchscreen laptop without stretching your budget, you can buy Gateway NV570P10u which will cost you around $420. Gateway NV570P10u comes with core i5-3317u processor 4GB memory and 500GB hard drive. To see full specification check the link

HP 15-r052nr comes with 4GB DDR3L SDRAM (1 DIMM) which is enough for basic multitasking. Memory can’t be upgraded further. The laptop comes with 500GB hard drive which operates with 5400 rpm. As the laptop has been designed for home users and students, hard disk speed doesn’t impact much on performance.

The 15.6” display of HP 15-r052nr LED backlit high definition display offers 1366 X 768 pixel resolution which supports high definition playback up to 720p. If you want to watch full high definition content then you need to connect the laptop with compatible external displays with the help of HDMI cable.

Besides HDMI, it comes with one USB 3.0 port, two USB 2.0, Ethernet, combo audio jack and SD card reader. Wireless network connectivity is supported by 802.11 b/g/n and Bluetooth while wired connectivity is supported by Fast Ethernet.

Similar laptop from different Manufacturer- Price comparison 

If you are on budget, you can buy Gateway NV570P08u touch screen Laptop which comes with 3rd generation core i3-3217u processor, 4GB RAM and 500GB hard. It offers gigabit Ethernet, wirless –N and Bluetooth. The price of the laptop is $400.

Pros of HP 15-r052nr TouchSmart

Inexpensive touch screen laptop for home users and students



Cons of HP TouchSmart 15-r052nr

No as such cons considering the price.

Dell Inspiron i5547-5780sLV

Dell Inspiron i5547-5780sLV is a 15.6” laptop and has a powerful configuration that includes a Core i7-4510 ULV CPU and 8GB RAM. It also offers some premium features like backlit keyboard, brushed aluminum exterior and Wireless AC. Specifications of this Dell Silver 15.6″ Inspiron 15 5547 Laptop PC look good for its asking price ($720-$740 at Amazon as well as Walmart) but the only drawback with this laptop is its screen which supports low resolution of 1366 X 768 only and, thus, is unable to stream full HD content.  However, it comes with HDMI output so you can connect the laptop with compatible HDTV or monitor and watch Full HD content on big screen. Dell i5547-5780sLV is not a touch screen laptop and optical drive is missing in this Dell model.  The laptop lacks dedicated graphics as well. However, with the help of 8GB memory, its integrated Intel HD 4400 graphics allows you to play lots of PC games but all games are not playable in high or ultra-setting.  If you want to edit photos and personal videos or convert media file formats, you can consider this laptop. It supports light 3D designing as well, but for professional use you would quire a Workstation grade laptop.  So far customer reviews are positive about this laptop. Read customer reviews at

Dell Inspiron i5547-5780sLV specification and performance

Dell Inspiron i5547-5780sLV is powered by Intel core i7-4510u CPU which is a dual core processor and operates with 2 GHz frequency. Thanks to Turboboost technology the clock speed can rise up to 3.1GHz. It is Hyperthreading enabled and two processor cores can handle 4 threads at a time. It comes with Intel HD 4400 graphics which is an integrated graphics but can compete with any entry level dedicated graphics. This is the only graphics option for this Dell Silver 15.6″ Inspiron 15 5547 Laptop PC. It allows you casual gaming and you can play latest games like Gird autosport, Titanfall and COD ghosts in low to medium details and setting. Higher games like Thief, Assassin´s Creed IV: Black Flag and watch dog will also run on this machine if you lower the resolution and setting. However, you won’t get high frame rates. If you need a good gaming laptop at around $1000, you can try Dell Inspiron i5547-15001sLV which is a full high definition touch screen laptop and offers 16 GB memory along with 1TB hard drive. It comes with Intel core i7-4510u processor and has dedicated AMD Radeon HD R7 M265 graphics.  Both the laptops run Windows 8.1 operating system.

Model  i5547-5780sLV  is shipped with  8GB memory ( arranged in two slots )and memory is expandable up to 16 GB. The speed of the memory is 1600Mhz. It comes with 1TB 5400 rpm SATA Hard Drive which is preloaded with Windows 8.1 operating system, along with plenty of other software.

15.6” glossy LED backlit high definition display offers resolution up to 1366 X 768 pixels. It comes with average viewing angle.

Dell Silver 15.6″ Inspiron 15 5547 Laptop offers 3 USB ports rather than 4 which have been seen in earlier models (i15RM-7565sLV). Out of 3 USB ports, two are USB 3.0 and one is USB 2.0 port. It also offers HDMI, Ethernet port, combo head phone and microphone jack. The laptop lacks VGA output. Another shortcoming of this laptop is that it comes with fast Ethernet only and does not support Gigabit Ethernet connectivity. On the other hand, it offers 802.11 b/g/n/ac Wi-fi connectivity and Bluetooth.

The 4 cell 37whr offers up to 7 hours of battery backup, depending upon usage.

Pros of Dell Inspiron i5547-5780sLV

Back lit keyboard

Wi-Fi up to –ac


8GB memory

Cons of Dell Inspiron i5547-5780sLV

No Gigabit Ethernet

No full HD display


Toshiba Satellite C55T-B5110

Toshiba Satellite C55T-B5110 Touchscreen laptop is targeted at budget segment of consumers. Though it doesn’t offer outstanding features, yet it is a decent laptop with all the prerequisites you may need to run Microsoft office applications, burn CD/DVDs, browse internet and light entertainment. You can also do video chatting, watch videos and movies on it. Satellite C55T-B5110 laptop is driven by Intel Pentium N3530 quad core processor.  It is a nice processor and can easily handle tasks ranging from home computing to media encoding/decoding, file compression and simple photo editing. Toshiba C55T-B5110 comes with ample hard drive space. However, amount of installed memory is pretty standard but enough for everyday computing. Considering its 15.6in screen size, it is considerably a light machine (4.9lbs). With 4 cell lithium ion battery, you can’t expect day long battery life but you will get average battery life. The laptop is listed with $430 at BestBuy and Amazon. Here is a brief review of specifications and expected performance of this laptop.

Specification and expected performance of Toshiba  C55T-B5110

Toshiba Satellite C55T-B5110 has standard configuration that we can expect from a $400 laptop.  It comes with Intel Pentium processor N3530 which has four cores and is based on Intel’s latest Bay trail platform. Each core operates with 2.16 GHz and frequency can reaches up to 2.58GHz (burst Frequency), on system demand. Toshiba Satellite C55T-B5110 comes with Intel HD graphics (for bay trail processor) which is not a strong integrated graphics. However, less demanding games like Dirt 3, counter Strike Global offensive, Dota 2, Dead space 3 and The Elder Scrolls Online can be played on this machine. The laptop can stream HD videos.  TDP rating of the processor is quite low which is 7.5W, which means the energy consumption of the laptop will be less.

Toshiba Satellite C55T-B5110 ships with 4GB DDR3L memory and the memory can be expanded up to 8GB. It comes with 750GB hard drive which operates with 5400rpm speed. The Hard Drive comes preinstalled with Windows 8.1 Operating system.

This laptop has a 15.6” touch screen with a native resolution of 1366×768. Don’t expect great viewing experience with this screen but it is decent for a budget laptop. The display support up to 720p high definition plays back.

The laptop comes with one USB 3.0 port, 2 USB 2.0 ports, Ethernet port, HDMI, VGA and combo audio jack. Network connectivity is supported by Fast Ethernet and 802.11 b/g/n. it doesn’t come with Bluetooth connectivity. The laptop has inbuilt webcam and a SD card reader.

The 4 cell lithium ion battery will offer up to 4 hours of battery life. However, it depends upon usage.

Pros of Toshiba Satellite C55T-B5110

Inexpensive touch screen laptop

USB 3.0 port

750GB hard drive

Cons of Toshiba C55T-B5110

no Bluetooth

Asus X551CA-SI30403X

With an entry-level Intel Core i3 CPU, 500GB hard drive, 4GB RAM and a price tag under $400, Asus X551CA-SI30403X is a decent 15.6” laptop. Though the features are pretty standard yet, for its price, it is a comfortable laptop to use.  The biggest selling point of the laptop is the 3rd generation core i3-3217u processor which gives it a little more processing power than other laptops available in this price range. The laptop is appropriate for both home users and students. However, if you need a laptop for tasks such as media editing, 2D/3D designing and other CPU and GPU intensive tasks then this laptop is not suitable for you. It is reasonably easy to carry Asus X551CA-SI30403X on a regular basis. The weight of the laptop is only 4.7lbs. However, the laptop would have scored better if it had slightly better battery life. 4Cells 2600 mAh 37 Whrs battery pack offers up to 4 hours of power backup. It comes with DVD burner and offers Bluetooth connectivity.  You can’t expect decent gaming performance from the Asus X551CA-SI30403X but it can be used to play games available at windows app stores and other less demanding PC games, in medium details and settings . Here is a brief review about this laptop.

Specification and Performance of Asus X551CA-SI30403X

Asus X551CA-SI30403X houses Intel core i3-3217u processor which is a dual core processor and operates with 1.8GHz. It is hyperthreading enabled, thus 2 cores can operate 4 threads at a time. It comes with Intel HD 4000 graphics which is integrated graphics. The configuration is enough to handle Microsoft word and excel, media encoding, downloading music, watching video, browsing internet and basic gaming as well. Low end games like Dota 2, Grid 2,Fifa 14 can be played in low details and settings.

Asus X551CA-SI30403X comes with 4GB DDR3L RAM 1600 MHz SDRAM. Memory can’t be expanded further. The 500GB hard drive operates with 5400rpm speed. 15.6in laptop display is glossy and supports resolution of 1366×768 pixels.

Both edges of Asus X551CA SI30403X are arranged with built-in DVD burner, SD card slot, Ethernet port, HDMI, microphone/headphone combo port, 1 USB 2.0 port and 1 USB 3.0 port. You also get HD webcam.  The main disadvantage of this laptop is that it has only two USB ports. Network connectivity is supported by Fast Ethernet, 802.11 b/g/n and Bluetooth.

Pros of Asus X551CA-SI30403X

Inexpensive laptop for every day computing


Cons of Asus X551CA-SI30403X

Only 2 USB ports

Not touch screen enabled


Toshiba Satellite C55-A5105

Toshiba Satellite C55-A5105 is an entry level laptop and is a decent choice for those who want a laptop for working with word/excel, web browsing, online communication and watching videos. With the help of dual core Intel Celeron N2820 processor and 4GB memory, this laptop will be able to process typical home computing with ease. However, it will not be able to support CPU or GPU intensive tasks like high end gaming, working with AutoCAD or other similar application, animation, video editing etc. Satellite C55-A5105 could be a great choice if you are on tight budget. This 15.6” laptop costs around $250 ( Best Buy) and comes packed with lots of features which support day to day computing. It doesn’t offer fancy features like backlit keyboard and SSD. It is not feasible for a manufacturer to provide such features at this price though. The laptop does come with inbuilt DVD burner. As is common with low-cost computers, build quality of C55-A5105 isn’t so great either. Toshiba C55-A5105 weighs around 5.3lbs and the laptop houses a full-size keyboard with dedicated numeric keypad. The closest competitor to this laptop is Toshiba Satellite C55-A5190 or C55A5190 which comes with almost similar hardware configuration and is available at around $250 at Microcenter. To know more about the laptop, read the brief review below.

Toshiba Satellite C55-A5105 specification and performance

Toshiba Satellite C55-A5105 has decent entry level CPU. Intel Celeron N2820 is a dual core processor based on Intel’s Bay Trail. It operates with base frequency of 2.17GHz and clock speed can rise up to 2.39GHz, if system demands. Toshiba C55A5105 comes with integrated Intel HD graphics built for Bay trail mobile processor. This graphics is not a strong graphics. Thus, running PC games like BF4, COD Ghosts is ruled out. However, you can play some of the games available in Windows App store. The laptop can stream videos with ease.

Toshiba C55-A5105 comes with 4GB RAM DDR3L 1333MHz memory and offers 500GB, 5400rpm hard drive. The hard drive is preloaded with Windows 8.1 operating system along with other software.

The 15.6” display of Toshiba C55-A5105 supports maximum resolution 1366 X 768 pixels which supports playback up to 720p only and 1080p is not playable in this laptop. However, there is an HDMI port.

Besides HDMI, you will get three USB ports (two of them being USB 2.0), VGA port Ethernet, VGA, separate microphone and headphone ports and an SD card slot. Wireless networking is supported by 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi. It comes with high definition webcam. Again, this laptop is primed to perform basic computing tasks that a home user or a student requires.

The 6 cell 48hours battery offers up to 5 hours of battery life.

Pros of Toshiba Satellite C55-A5105

The price is a steal for the features you are getting

Decent for home user and students

Cons of Toshiba Satellite C55-A5105

No Bluetooth

Lenovo Yoga 2 11 – 59401972 2-in-1 Touch Screen laptop

Lenovo Yoga 2 11 – 59401972 2-in-1 Touch Screen laptop offers nice combination of beauty and power.   This 0.7inch thin, 3 lbs. convertible machine houses topnotch hardware and comes with stylish appearance. Yoga 2 11 – 59401972 is an 11.6” device that operates on Windows 8.1. Its 1366 x 768 resolution screen might seem inferior to the 1920X1080p resolution screens but it incorporates IPS panel which offers best viewing angles of all available display technologies and produces most accurate colors. Thus, low resolution of the device, by no means should be a deal breaker. Inside Lenovo 11 – 59401972 laptop there is a quad-core Intel Pentium N3520 processor, 4GB RAM and 500GB of storage space. It also offers enough connectivity features to connect external devices. The laptop comes with front facing high definition webcam (720p). As this is a compact machine, expecting a DVD drive is not a feasible idea. Lenovo Yoga 2 11 – 59401972 is highly portable machine and is quite inexpensive in spite of being integrated with a decent quad core processor. It costs around $500.Here is a brief review about specifications and performance of this 2-in-1 convertible laptop.

Lenovo Yoga 2 11 – 59401972 specs and expected performance 

Intel Pentium 3520M is a quad core processor which operates with base frequency of 2.16 GHz and core frequency can boost up 2.42 GHz. The processor is based on Intel’s Bay Trail platform and is integrated with 2MB of cache memory. Lenovo Yoga 2 11 – 59401972 comes with Integrated Intel HD graphics for Bay Trail processor. The processor is much faster and offers better performance than the earlier netbooks which used to houses Intel Atom processors. The graphics performance is faster than what earlier Intel integrated graphics were able to deliver.  However, it doesn’t mean that Yoga 2 11– 59401972 can be used for anything. It can’t handle all sorts of media editing tasks or high end gaming. It offers performance for day to day computing which include working with office suite, web browsing, social networking, video chatting and watching videos.

For storage, user will get a 500GB 5400rpm hard drive, which is great if you want capacity.  However if you are after speed and performance this feature may not satisfy you. Onboard 4GB DDR3L RAM is decent for basic multi-tasking. The hard drive is preloaded with Windows 8.1 and, like many laptops these days, ships with a touchscreen.

The 11.6” HD LED Multitouch touch screen display offers maximum resolution of 1366×768. This Intel Powered 2-in-1 laptop offers ‘ 360 degree Flip and Fold Design’ which means user can switch between Laptop, Stand, Tablet, and Tent modes. The best part of this feature is that there is a unique software that recognizes the mode user is working on and recommends apps that work best in that mode.

When it comes to connectivity, Lenovo Yoga 2 11 – 59401972 offers  one USB 3.0, one USB 2.0, Audio Combo Jack (headphone and mic), micro HDMI-out, 2-in-1 (SD / MMC) card reader. Network connectivity is supported by Lenovo BGN Wireless and Bluetooth

The 4 Cell 34 Watt Hour battery last up to 6 hours once fully charged.

HP 2000-2d09wm Review- Powered By AMD E-300

HP 2000-2D09WM is a new laptop which is equipped with AMD E-300 dual core processor. The laptop supports only basic computing tasks like processing documents, browsing internet etc. It can’t handle high end tasks like photo/video editing, working with animation and web development etc. The processor operates with low frequency of 1.3 GHz.  In fact, these kinds of laptops or notebooks are designed to provide long battery life and not to run high end programs.  Watching video won’t be an issue with this laptop but too much multitasking will create performance bottleneck. It offers 4 GB RAM, which is just enough to support multitasking. The hard drive capacity is 500 GB and that is the only difference between HP 2000-2d09wm and HP 2000-2D49WM. The latter comes with 320GB hard drive. However, HP 2D09WM will be available at a lesser price ( $178 approx) during BlackFriday sales at Walmart.The current price of this laptop is $318. HP 2000-2D09WM is a mainstream laptop and comes with DVD burner as optical drive. It also contains a VGA port which is missing in HP sleekbook. If you can spend few more bucks, then 2D39WM will be a good option. Here is a brief review about the machine-

HP 2000-2d09wm Specification and Performance

AMD E-300 Accelerated Processor is a dual core processor, with each core clocked at 1.3 GHz frequency.   It comprises of 1 MB of L2 cache and doesn’t support AMD’s Turbo core Technology.  Thus, there is no option of auto-overclocking of processor. However, HP 2000-2D09WM can handle all day to day computing jobs without any glitch. As told earlier, 4GB memory will not help to enhance multitasking due to low processor speed but it allows basic multitasking only.  For instance, you would be able to browse internet with few tabs open and type documents at the same time. However, low TDP rating makes the processor energy efficient.

The laptop offers integrated AMD Radeon HD 6310 graphics that comes with APU chip. Even though the manufacturer has termed it Discrete-Class graphics, it shares system memory and is the only graphics option available with HP 2000-2D09WM. Low end and older games like StarCraft 2, Sims 3, world in conflict, left 4 dead and COD modern warfare 2 are playable in low details and settings on this laptop. Users will be able play Minecraft as well, but not efficiently. Using Optifine will give you better result.  You can’t expect much from HP 2000-2D09WM as it comes with a weak accelerated processor. If you are on a tight  budget  and looking for a gaming laptop which can offer  high end performance ( like casual photo editing or 2D designing, Editing videos with Blender and installing iTunes), then you can consider 2.4 GHz Intel Pentium 2020M processor and an entry level 2GB NVIDIA GeForce GT 740m integrated laptop.

HP 2000-2D09WM is integrated with 4 GB DDR3 SDRAM which can be expanded up to 8 GB. The laptop offers 500GB, 5400 rpm hard drive with Windows 8 Operating System, along with other programs like Skype, HP games and other apps.

The 15.6” LED Backlit HD display offers 1366 X 768 pixel resolution which supports 720p playback.

Port and connectivity features  of  HP 2000-2d09wm are as following

Multi-format digital media card reader for Secure Digital cards, 3 USB 2.0, 1 HDMI, 1 VGA (15-pin), 1 RJ-45 (LAN), 1 Headphone-out, 1 Microphone-in

USB 3.0 port is missing in the config. Network connectivity is supported by Fast Ethernet and 802.11 b/g/n. No Bluetooth support is available.

Users can expect up to 5 hours of battery life from a  6-cell 47WHr 2.2 Ah lithium-ion battery pack that is integrated with HP 2000 2D09WM.

Pros of 2000-2D09WM

Inexpensive laptop from HP

500 GB hard drive

VGA and HDMI port

Cons of 2000-2D09WM

No USB 3.0

No Bluetooth support

Weak processor

HP 2000 2d19WM

Those, who are looking for cheap laptop computer, can take a look at HP 2000-2d19WM, available at Walmart just under $300. However, you can’t expect working with high end programs with this laptop which is equipped with 1.3GHz dual core AMD E series E-300 processor. But this 15.6” laptop can provide you performance for day to day work as well as streaming videos. You can even play older games on it. HP 2000 2d19WM comes with 4 GB memory to support multitasking and 320 GB hard drive as storage solution. However, there is no USB 3.0 port. Considering its price, the laptop offers impressive features. It comes with HD webcam and optical drive for burning CD or DVD. Here is a brief review about the laptop.

HP 2000-2d19WM Specification and performance 

HP 2000-2d19WM is a very basic laptop. It is equipped with low end AMD E-300 dual core APU which operates with 1.3 GHz. Further increment in clock speed is not possible as it lacks Turbo core technology. Being a low end processor, you can’t expect much from this laptop. However, the integrated graphics, AMD Radeon HD 6310, is enough to allow you to play older games in low details and settings. Games like old Starcraft 2, Sims 3, left 4 Dead 2, COD MW2 etc can be playable in low details with reasonable frame rates.   HP 2000-2d19WM is not recommended for 2D/3D designing work or for video editing.

4 GB DDR3 SDRAM helps in enhancing multitasking features. You can listen to music while browsing web with multiple tabs. The memory can be expanded up to 8GB. 320 GB hard drive comes preloaded with Windows 8 OS. It is not a touch screen laptop.

The 15.6” HD BrightView LED-backlit display offers 1366×768 resolution which supports HD playback of 720p.

Even though HP 2000-2d19WM is a budget laptop, the manufacturer has added adequate ports which include Multi-format digital media card reader for Secure Digital cards, 3 USB 2.0, one HDMI, 1 VGA, Headphone-out and one  Microphone-in. To support Fast Ethernet there is a RJ 45 connector. Wi-fi network connectivity is supported by 802.11 b/g/n. There is no Bluetooth support.

HP has never been a miser when it comes to battery. The company has decided to add standard 6 cell battery pack with HP 2000-2d19WM laptop, which will give users approx. 5 hours of battery life.  Usually most of the manufacturers are known to place low capacity battery in their low end segment.

Pros of HP 2000-2d19WM

Inexpensive laptop for regular computing


Cons of HP 2000-2d19WM

No 3.0 USB port

No bluetooth

Sony Ericsson Launches Xperia Arc On Gingerbread

Sony Ericsson’s XPERIA Arc is the new smartphone from XPERIA product line of the company. It is also the first in the new generation of XPERIA smartphones to be announced by Sony Ericsson in the year 2011. It is full of exciting features which are sure to be a hit among this generation of mobile enthusiasts.

XPERIA Arc sports stunning arc design with a wafer thin and light weight body, XPERIA Arc is just 8.7mm in the middle and weighs 117gms only. Sony Ericsson claims the body is made of premium material which makes it sleek yet strong and the design is perfectly ergonomical in shape.  XPERIA Arc is embedded with cutting edge Sony technology to deliver exceptional multimedia experience to the users. The most striking feature of the phone is its extra wide 4.2” multi-touch screen which Sony prefers to call the Reality Display. The screen provides exceptional visual quality and crystal clear image, thanks to Mobile BRAVIA Engine. XPERIA Arc boasts 8.1 megapixel back-facing camera with HD video recording capability and features good selection of settings to be tweaked, including auto focus, image stabilisation and face detection. Exmor R for mobile sensor, used in XPERIA Arc, is capable of capturing high quality, bright pictures and HD videos even in low light, which can be shared in HD on TV via the built in HDMI-connector. With all the above smart features it can be rightly termed as a multimedia smartphone.

Sony Ericsson Xperia ArcSony Xperia Arc is powered by Andriod 2.3 Gingerbread and runs on 1 GHz Qualcomm CPU with 512 MB of memory. Sony Ericsson insists that the Arc will get an update to Andriod 3.0 Honeycomb too. The Arc provides access to Google Mobile Services like Calendar, Maps, Talk and a host of other Android applications. It comes with Micro USB cable for charging, synchronisation and file transfer. Other notable features included in the phone are Facebook application and scaled down versions of Sony Ericsson Timescape and Mediascape.  With added apps and widgets you have the freedom to choose to add or remove them.  It will also make the phone much easier to update when new versions of Android come out. The phone operates on 1500mAh battery and will be available in two colors: Midnight Blue and Misty Silver.

XPERIA Arc is definitely a perfect blend of art and technology.  The designers at Sony Ericsson were thoughtful enough to pay heed to most of the responses to the earlier release of XPERIA and have tried to incorporate the changes in the Arc. Features included in the phone make  XPERIA Arc a high end phone and Sony Ericsson plan to place the Arc in premium smartphone category.  Without commenting on price Sony Ericsson’s press release states “Xperia™ smartphones add best in class entertainment on top of smartphone fundamentals such as apps, maps, email and fast Internet to create the most entertaining smartphone experience.”

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc is likely to be available in most markets from late Q1 to Q2 this year.