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Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) Features

About Android 2.3 or  Gingerbread

Android is referred to as mobile operating system formulated by Android Inc. It was later taken by Google. And now Google has taken it forward by releasing the reformed version of Android 2.3 or Gingerbread. The new Google Nexus S handset is manufactured by Samsung and is based on their hugely successful Galaxy S phone. Nexus S, the flagship smart phone device from Google, is supported by Android Gingerbread operating system that is enhanced by Linux Kernel. Introduction of Gingerbread has resulted in the enhancement of speed along with various other developments like reformed keyboard, improved selection tool, better in power management system, VOIP or SIP internet calling support, easy copy- paste technique and many more. Let us quickly glance over its improvements.

Improved Keyboard:  The most used functionality is upgraded by reshaping the keys in more convenient spaces. It pops up the dictionary for the word you are intending to type. Multi touch functionality is the added feature which nullifies the efforts of moving back and front like earlier one. The technology also allows you to swap to voice mode without replacing the current selection.

Easy to use copy – Paste function: The copy-paste function of Android 2.3 or Gingerbread is now meeting the standards of iPhone.  Where we can just press and hold for selection and maintain the selection mode to continue later. By pressing and holding, the selection mode is started which facilitates the expansion of selection brackets.

Enhanced Power Management System: With the improved power management system we can monitor the consumption of battery by various applications. We can easily control the usage of application that continuously drains the battery power.

Easy Downloading:  Download functions in Gingerbread  is based on an entirely new technique where files can be easily downloaded from various applications, emails or browsers and can be stored.

Near Field Communication: Gingerbread supports NFC technology also known as Near Field Communication. It features the wireless communication or easy data transfer over the vicinity of 4 inches with very high frequency. Currently this technology is used in public transportation and payment. Therefore there are strong estimations of its use to facilitate transactions through handset.

Audio Effects: Improved audio effects have been introduced in Android 2.3 that supports bass boost and equalization as well as headphone virtualization.

Camera: The Android Gingerbread supports multiple cameras that means, by using one camera application multiple cameras can be accessed.

Modified User Interface Structure: Gingerbread system incorporates simplified alterations to enhance the overall efficiency as well as facilitates its easy usage.

Calling via Internet made easy: If you have SIP or VoIP account then, the innovations bundled with Gingerbread will support internet telephony using SIP account or VoIP.

Additionally, the new Android 2.3 Gingerbread supports large screen with good resolution as well as new sensors such as gyroscope and barometer. It also facilitates WebM and VP8 video player.

To meet the higher standards and beat the high end competition along with Nexus S model even LG and Nokia are planning to upgrade their existing operating system to Android 2.3 Gingerbread.