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Cisco Linksys E1000 Wireless-N Router – Review

Linksys E1000 Wireless-N Router from Cisco is wireless connectivity solution for your office or home and is the perfect blend of performance and great looks. The speed that the user can get via this wireless router is up to 300 Mega bits per second. This provides the user an option to setup both a wired as well as  wireless network or a combination of both. There are four Ethernet ports available in this wireless router to provide wired connectivity. The wireless standard supported by this wireless router is both IEEE 802.11 N and IEEE 802.11 G. IEEE 802.11 N is the standard which offers fast connectivity and IEEE 802.11 G offers wider range. The user can connect mobile phones, smart phones, laptops or computers to the wireless router. The driver and other utilities needed for setting up the wireless router is supplied along with the wireless router on a CD. An instruction manual accompanies the product carrying all neceassry steps to set up the router. Cisco Linksys E1000 Wireless-N Router  is available in market for a cost of 70 dollars. The design of  Linksys E1000  is compact and portable and the procut is effective and efficient at the same time. There is built in security available in this wireless router which provides the user means for secured data transmission among the devices connected to the wireless network.

Linksys E1000 Wireless-N Router By Cisco  has Stateful Pocket Inspection or SPI firewall which creates a protected connectivity to the Internet and saves the user’s network from threats on the Internet. This router also has WPA and WPA2 data encryption protection, which provides added protection against internet threats. There is parental control feature available in this wireless router through which the user can block a certain websites or stop the Internet access for certain hours. This router does not use any recycled components and has compatibility with windows XP and windows Vista. The warranty period of this router is for one year limited hardware only, from the date of purchase. The major advantages are the size and the speed offered by this wireless router and built in firewall. The other advantages are low price and high speed, which makes this router simply irresistible. The range offered by this router is at par with other routers in theis class. If there is a wireless router that you are planning to have for your office or home on a limited budget, then Linksys E1000 Wireless-N Router is the one you should go for.

Pros : Design, performance and 4 Ethernet ports. Also, an “N” router at a bargain price. Easy to setup.

Cons : Lack of Gigabit Ethernet Port. Single band (2.4 GHz). Incosistance performance as speed drops over slight variation in distance.


Review of D-Link DIR-628 Wireless N Router

D-Link DIR-628

D-Link DIR-628 Wireless N Router is the solution to users who are searching for a router to setup high speed wireless network in their home or in office. D-Link DIR-628 Wireless N Router is a dual band wireless router and the main feature of this wireless router is that it  supports IEEE 802.11n standard which is the latest and is also backward compatible with earlier versions of 802.11 standard. The router can be used to connect computers, game modules or media players having wireless support. There are supports available in this router for WPA and WPA2 security standards for encryption and highly secured data transmission through the wireless network. The security feature is independent of the device which is connected to the wireless network as a client. In simple words even if the device that is receiving data through the wireless network is a gaming console the data will be encrypted to have a secured data transmission. There are also four ports for the wired connectivity where the user can connect Ethernet cables and connect four Ethernet devices to the wireless network via the wired connectivity. This wireless router includes firewall features like MAC address filtering, where the user can filter the devices based on their MAC address, Domain blocking, Stateful Packet Inspection or SPI and Scheduling.

D-Link DIR-628 Wireless N Router as said earlier supports dual band and the frequencies supported in this dual band are 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. This provides the user the optimal speed for High speed Internet applications and also streaming of high definition videos from the Internet. This wireless router also has the dual protective firewall in terms of SPI and NAT which protects the user from viruses spreading through Internet. There is Quality of Service Engine present in this wireless router which improves the time sensitive on line, faster gaming response and Internet phone calls which are done as Voice Over Internet Phone (VOIP) calls. One WAN port is also available in this wireless router. Maximum wireless data transfer rate offered by this wireless router is 144.4 Mbit/s and 300 Mbit/s for 20 MHz and 40 MHz channels respectively. The user can manage or configure the wireless router through web based interface. This wireless router offers VPN pass through for the following protocols PPTP, L2TP and IPSec. The advantages of DIR-628 Wireless N Router include ease of setup, as the instruction manual is very explanatory, relatively cheaper price as it costs only 60 dollars and its sleek and compact design. The disadvantage is that the Ethernet ports are limited to 4 ports, thus getting wired devices connected to the wireless network has a limitation. Depending on one’s budget and requirement D-Link DIR-628 Wireless N Router could be the best choice for wireless connectivity at your home or office.