Comparison: AMD A6-1450 APU vs Intel Celeron 1037U

AMD A6-1450 is a quad core mobile APU or accelerated processor which is designed for ultrabooks, tablets and thin laptops. The basic frequency of this processor is 1 GHz but the APU is integrated with AMD turbo core feature, thus, the frequency can boost up to 1.4GHz. A6-1450 APU is fabricated with 28nm technology.  This processor comes with 2MB of L2 cache. The TDP rating of this processor is 8W

On the other hand, Intel Celeron 1037U is a dual core processor and is intended for ultrabooks and small to midsize laptops. Each core operates with 1.8GHz frequency and has 2MB of L3 cache. It doesn’t come with turboboost technology. So clock speed can’t be boosted up.  The TDP rating of Celeron 1037U is 18W.

As AMD A6-1450 is a quad core processor, it can handle multithreaded applications or multitasking, with its four cores, much efficiently than Celeron 1037U. If operating frequency is your point of concern then the Celeron processor would make a better choice.

Energy Consumption 

When it comes to power consumption, AMD A6-1450A APU is more energy efficient than Celeron 1037U processor.


AMD A6-1450 comes with Radeon HD 8250 graphics that operates with a maximum of 400MHz/300MHz frequency and is supported by DirectX 11. On the other hand, Intel Celeron 1037U comes with Intel HD Graphics built for IVY bridge processor that operates with 350 MHz base frequency. Frequency can boost up to 1Ghz. It supports DirectX11 as well. Considering the performance, there is not much of a difference between these two graphics.  Both are low end graphics and support casual gaming only.

Advance features comparison

AMD A6-1450 comes with AES technology, which helps in securing your data. This feature is missing in Intel 1037U. AMD processor also features AMD Turbo Dock technology that permits a tablet device to increase its performance when paired with a compatible base unit.  However, not all devices that incorporate this APU, offer AMD Turbo Dock technology. It depends on manufacturer of the device.

Again, Intel Celeron 1037U comes with executable disable bit that offers protection from malicious software and certain viruses.

With higher operating frequency and more cache, Intel Celeron 1037U scores better over AMD A6-1450. The passmark score for Intel Celeron 1037U is 1929 and that for AMD A6-1450 it is 1577.

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