Dell 17.3″ Inspiron i5735322 Laptop PC with AMD A8-5545M Quad-Core Accelerated Processor,

Dell 17.3″ Inspiron i5735322 Laptop PC is perfect for home users. The AMD A8-5545M Quad-Core Accelerated Processor offers decent speed for running regular computer applications, some gaming and multimedia. It can even be used as media centers and can be used for office work as well. Dell i5735322 is an inexpensive laptop that looks stylish. Due to 17.3” form factor, it is hard to carry it around on a day to day basis. Big laptops don’t get as much attention as 15.6”laptops get, still plenty of buyers love these devices because of their roomy keyboards and big screens. Dell i5735-322 or i5735322APL comes with huge memory of 8GB and offers ample storage. Dell has never been too stingy when it comes to ports and connectivity features. The laptop comes with 4USB ports, 2 of them are USB 3.0. It offers DVD burner as optical drive. This is not a touch screen laptop and is available in various colors which include Amethyst Purple, Indigo Blue and Fire Red. Overall, Inspiron i5735322 is a good desktop replacement, unless you are looking for super-fast performance. Currently it is listed with around $500-$530 at Wal-mart and Sam’s club.  Here is a brief review about specifications and performance of this laptop:

Specification and Performance of  Dell 17.3″ Inspiron i5735322 Laptop

As mentioned earlier Dell 17.3″ Inspiron i5735322  is powered by AMD A8-5545M Quad-Core Accelerated Processor  or APU which operates with base frequency of 1.7GHz and the same can boost up to 2.7GHz on system demand. The APU has been paired with Radeon HD 8510G graphics which is DirectX 11 capable. You can run Microsoft office or other office suite, browse web with multiple tab, perform photo editing and can do media encoding and decoding. With the help of 8GB memory, user can play lot of PC games such as Bioshock Infinitie, Bioshock 2, Team fortress 2, Skyrim, Assassins Creed II, Dota 2, Minecraft etc., in low to medium resolution and settings. Dell Inspiron i5735322APL can stream videos smoothly.

Dell i5735-322 features HD backlit LED display and comes with native resolution of 1600 X 900 which doesn’t support 1080p video playback but will support 900p, which is little lower than full HD. The screen is good in its category.

There is no SSD or hybrid drive integrated in the laptop, however you will get 1TB, 5400rpm HDD. Thus speed is compensated by storage.  Dell i5735322APL comes with 8GB Dual Channel DDR3 memory. Windows 8.1 64-bit is preloaded on to hard drive along with McAfee TPeaks Live Safe – 30 day and Microsoft Office Trial. It’s very much a budget PC, so we won’t be too hard on it for not having SSD. It would certainly be nice if it comes with SSD or a hybrid drive.

The sides of the chassis are arranged with USB (two each of 2.0 and 3.0 ports), HDMI and Ethernet port. Dell 17.3″ Inspiron i5735322 comes with DVD burner, headphone and microphone combo port and an 8 in 1 SD card slot. It ships with a webcam, Bluetooth 4.0 and a single-band Wi-Fi adapter Dell Wireless-N 1705. As it is a budget PC, we should not be expecting dual-band Wi-Fi.

The 6 cell 65whr battery offers around 5 hours of battery life however, it depends upon usage.

Pros of Dell 17.3″ Inspiron i5735322

Good specs considering the price

Bluetooth Support

Ample storage

Enough memory

Cons of Dell 17.3″ Inspiron i5735322

No touch screen


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