Dell Inspiron 15M-i7-8-1-NT

Dell Inspiron 15M-i7-8-1-NT is a 15.6”  laptop from Dell which is being offered at a price of $550, during Boxing day sale. The laptop is integrated with Intel Core i7- 3537u processor which has two cores and the clock speed of this processor 2.0 GHz. Due to its compliance with Intel Turboboost technology, the clock speed of the processor can rise up to 3.1GHz, on system demand. The processor comes with 4MB of level 3 cache, which ensures better performance to the user. Along with day to day computing, you can also do jobs such as photo editing, casual video editing and 3D designing ( small scenes) etc. efficiently on this laptop. User can watch high definition movies and play games smoothly on Dell Inspiron 15M i7-8-1-NT. However, the laptop doesn’t come with dedicated graphics which limits it’s gaming performance beyond certain extent. Still, user can play current games in low to medium details. Other significant features of the laptop are that it includes 1TB hard drive and 8GB memory. Dell 15M-i7-8-1-NT is little bulkier compared to other 15.6” laptop as it holds a DVD drive as optical drive. It comes with sufficient number of ports like 2 USB 2.0 and 2 USB 3.0 ports. To know more about specifications and performance of this Dell Inspiron model, read the following review:

We know that core i7 processors are quad core processors and are integrated with 6MB of cache memory but Intel Core i7- 3537u is an exception. It is a dual core ULV processor and comes with 4MB of cache memory. The processor is integrated with Intel HD 4000 graphics (UMA graphics). With 8 GB base memory, user can play games like COD black ops 2, Dota 2, Tomb Raider, Team Fortress 2, sleeping dogs and Counter Strike Global offensive etc. Inspiron 15M-i7-8-1-NT supports smooth video playback. It can accomplish all computing task that are required in a regular office environment.

Maximum display resolution supported by this laptop is 1366 X 768 and the 15.6” display features LED back lit high definition screen which supports up to 720p playback. To view full HD content, user need to connect the laptop with 1080p compatible HDTV or monitor. Good thing about 15.6 inch screen laptop is that it gives a user perfectly good visual experience.

The laptop offer 1TB of hard disk which operates at 5400rpm speed. Dell 15M i7-8-1-NT comes with 8GB DDR3 RAM which operates with1600 MHz. The laptop comes preinstalled with Windows 8 64 bit operating system.

Media card reader is available with this laptop, thus the user can easily copy the contents via and to memory cards. Besides 4 USB ports, it also offers HDMI output, audio ports and RJ connector. VGA port is missing in this laptop.

Dell Inspiron 15M-i7-8-1-NT supports both wireless (802.11 b/g/n and Bluetooth) and wired connectivity. The 6 cell 65whr battery pack promises prolonged battery backup.

 Pros of Dell Inspiron 15M-i7-8-1-NT

Inexpensive laptop with high end processor

High capacity battery

4 USB ports


Cons of Dell 15M-i7-8-1-NT

No VGA port


Dell Inspiron 15M-i7-8-1-NT is ideally suited for office user and students and  its cost is very much within affordable range.

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  1. Azim says:

    Specs as listed on Bestbuy website: No Touch Screen, LAN stated at Not Applicable,DVD or Writeable DVD?

    Calling Dell did not help as this model not listed at DEll, most likely exclusive for Boxing Day Special by Bestbuy!!


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