Dell Inspiron i15RVT-6143BLK Touch Screen Laptop

Dell Inspiron i15RVT-6143BLK is an Intel core i3-3217U processor powered touch screen laptop. Weighing around 5.19 lbs, it is not a thin or slim laptop but is not too heavy either to lug around. With 4 GB memory, this Inspiron 15 (3521) is able to handle day to day computing tasks very well. Additionally, it can handle office tasks like making presentations, creating pdfs and compressing files etc. If your concern is about gaming, this laptop is able to run low end games only. Dell Inspiron i15RVT-6143BLK is equipped with core i3 Ultra low Voltage (ULV) processor which operates with 1.8 GHz frequency and has low TDP rating. These kinds of laptops are energy efficient but are not suitable for high end computing jobs like video editing, 3D designing, website development etc. Again, it struggles to run high end games like Battlefield 3 r 4, COD black ops or COD ghost, Total War Rome II  etc even in low details and settings. Dell Inspiron 15 (3521) i15RVT-6143BLK is mainstream laptop, coming with DVD burner as optical drive, and offers 500 GB hard drive. Currently, it is available at a price of $400 (approx.) at office Depot and, at a slightly higher price, at other stores like Newegg, Adorama, MacMall . Here is a brief review about this  machine :

Dell Inspiron i15RVT-6143BLK specification and performance

Dell i15RVT-6143BLK is powered by Intel core i3-3217U processor which is a dual core processor. Like any other core i3 processor, this processor is also Hyperthreading enabled. Thus, two cores can handle 4 threads at a time. Compared with core i3-3120M processor, which is a dual core mainstream processor and operates with 2.5 GHz, core i3-3217u operates at low frequency. Even the HD graphics integrated with i3-3217u processor operates with lower speed. Overall, the performance of the core i3-3120M is much better. When it comes to gaming, Dell i15RVT6143BLK will support low end games only. Users can play older titles like StarCraft II, world of warcraft. Newer games like Dota 2, Tomb raider, Fifa 13 are playable in low setting and details.

Dell Inspiron 15 (3521) i15RVT-6143BLK comes with 4 GB RAM and supports memory upgrade up to 8 GB. The speed of the memory is 1600MHz. Its 500 GB hard drive is preloaded with Windows 8 operating system. These things are standard in budget laptops.

The 15.6” HD LED backlit display offers 1366 X 768 pixel resolutions, supporting up to 720p resolutions only. This display will not be able to playback 1080p contents. As informed earlier, Dell i15RVT-6143BLK is a touch screen laptop.

Inspiron i15RVT-6143BLK comprises of impressive number of ports and connectivity features. Though it is a budget laptop yet it offers Bluetooth connectivity. Beside this, the laptop comes with wired and wireless connectivity. 2 USB 3.0 ports, 2 USB 2.0 ports, 1 Ethernet port,1 HDMI port and one 8-in-1 media card reader are available with the laptop. However, VGA port is missing in this laptop. It is worth noting that some projectors still come with VGA port and don’t have HDMI port. Thus, users need to buy HDMI to VGA adapter or converter.

6-cell lithium ion battery pack offers  up to 4-5 hours battery life on single charge.

Pros of Dell Inspiron 15  i15RVT-6143BLK

Affordable touch screen laptop

USB 3.0 ports


Cons of Dell Inspiron i15RVT-6143BLK

No VGA port available

6 Responses to Dell Inspiron i15RVT-6143BLK Touch Screen Laptop

  1. Loh says:

    For this laptop Inspiron 15 (3521) (i15RVT-6143BLK), can you upgrade the graphics card from Intel integrated HD graphics to Intel HD graphics 4000?

    • wpadmin says:

      You can’t upgrade the graphics, Reasons are as follows
      1. Graphics is integrated with processor.
      2. Intel HD graphics ( for ivy bridge) comes with ULV processor, while Intel HD 4000 graphics comes with mainstream ivy bridge processor.
      Both the processors have different TDP rating. For instance, TDP rating of i3-3217u is 17w and core i3-3120M is 35w
      Thus, to upgrade graphics you need to change entire board which is costly affair.

  2. sam says:

    Iam unable to run FIFA 13 and NFS mostwanted in full screen
    How can I change the setting??

  3. das says:

    What are the differences between the Dell Inspiron i15RVT-6143 & the HP 15d020NR? Which one is a better quality laptop?

    • wpadmin says:

      Dell Inspiron i15RVT-6143 has core i3 dual core processor with hyper threading and HP 15-d020NR has A4-5000 quad core processor. Speed wasn’t much of an issue, when using these laptops for everyday tasks. Both are equally good.

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