Dell Inspiron I3137-4725SLV

Dell Inspiron I3137-4725SLV is an 11.6” inexpensive touch screen laptop with thin profile.  Its 4th generation Intel Pentium processor 3556U dual-core processor is considerably more powerful than earlier Atom processor and offers enough performance for web browsing, social media, working with Microsoft office r other office suite, Video chat and watching videos and movies in high definition.  Weighing only 3.2 lbs, it is just 0.8″ thin which makes it highly portable. The 3 cell 50whr battery last up to 8 hours. Though Dell I3137-4725SL is a small laptop, still it comes with generous amount of ports and connectivity features.  However, in order to make a laptop a small and light, manufacturers have to exclude DVD burner from its configuration and it is true for Inspiron I3137-4725SLV as well. In addition to a powerful processor, this Windows 8.1 based laptop consists of 4GB of RAM and 500GB hard drive. As this is a budget laptop, you can’t expect a SSD in its specs. The current price of this laptop is $360 at Best Buy.  Here is a brief review about Dell I31374725SLV:

Dell Inspiron I3137-4725SLV specification and performance

The 4th generation/ Haswell  Pentium 3556U dual-core processor operates with 1.7 GHz frequency. It comes with 2MB of Smart cache. The TDP of this processor is 15W which makes it energy efficient and Dell I3137-4725SLV runs cool as well. Even though the processor does not offer enough power for high end multimedia tasks like video editing, 3D designing and playing games like Battlefield 4, it is still powerful enough for internet activities, watching videos, converting audio files and basic multitasking. The graphics processing is supported by Intel HD graphics for Haswell processor. When it comes to gaming, user can play low end games in low resolution and settings. Games like Dota 2, Gird 2, Starcraft II, Diablo III are playable in low resolution and settings. Buyer can also play games available at Windows app store.  The processor is capable of streaming high definition video contents smoothly. Up to 720p high definition playback is possible in this laptop.

Dell Inspiron I3137-4725SLV comes with single channel 4GB DDR3 memory which is not expandable further. The 500GB hard drive comes preloaded with Windows 8.1 operating system.

The 11.6” LED backlit HD touch screen features maximum1366x768 resolution which supports 720p high definition video content but is not suitable to run full high definition contents.

The edges of Dell I31374725SLV are arranged with HDMI 1.4a, SD Card Reader, USB 3.0 (2), USB 2.0 (1), RJ-45. Network connectivity is supported by Gigabit Ethernet and Dell Wireless-N 1705 + Bluetooth 4.0. It comes with a webcam as well.

Pros of Dell Inspiron I3137-4725SLV

Reasonably Priced

Thin and light

Touch screen display

Good battery life

Cons of Inspiron I3137-4725SLV

No as such cons considering the price

*Dell Inspiron 11.6-Inch Touchscreen Laptop (i3137-5003sLV) is available at Amazon which has similar specs and will offer similar performance. The laptop is listed with price of $430 approx.

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