Dell Moon Silver 15.6″ Inspiron i15RMT-3904sLV

Dell Moon Silver 15.6″ Inspiron i15RMT-3904sLV is a stylish touch screen laptop that delivers great performance for regular computing like working with Microsoft word/excel, online video communication  ( Skype), emailing and web browsing. It is also offers performance for encoding/decoding of media files, making presentations and little gaming.  The laptop is integrated with 4th generation Intel core i3-4010u, which is not a high end processor; in fact it is ULV ( ultra-low voltage) processor and operates with much less frequency  than a main stream core i3 processor.  Inspiron i15RMT-3904sLV doesn’t come with dedicated graphics and Intel HD 4400 graphics is the only graphics option for this laptop. Though the specs do not allow you to play high end games like Battlefield 4 or COD ghosts, you can still play many games available at Windows App store.  Dell i15RMT-3904sLV includes features like HDMI, USB 3.0 port and comes with a DVD burner.  The price of the laptop is around $552. It is available at Walmart and other stores as well. Dell Inspiron i15RMT3904sLV offers decent battery life. Here is a brief review about specifications and performance of the machine.

Dell Moon Silver 15.6″ Inspiron i15RMT-3904sLV  specification and performance

Dell Inspiron i15RMT-3904sLV is powered by Intel core i3-4010u dual core processor and each core operates with 1.7GHz frequency. It comes with 3MB of cache memory.  The performance of the processor is comparable with 3rd generation Intel core i3-3227u processor.  Intel dual core i3-4010u processor comes with Intel HD 4400 graphics which DirectX 11 capable. You can’t upgrade graphics though. However, overall specs of the laptop are not enough for high end gaming. If you are an avid PC gamer then Inspiron 15RMT3904sLV is not for you. But the laptop can stream videos seamlessly. The 15.6” LED backlit display offers maximum 1366 X 768 pixels resolution thus, user can view 720p high definition content on the laptop display but not 1080p. But the laptop offers a HDMI port which can be used to view laptop content in high definition TV and monitor.

Dell Moon Silver 15.6″ Inspiron i15RMT-3904sLV is installed with 6GB DDR3L-1600MHz PC3-12800 memory. It comes with conventional 500GB hard drive which operates with 5400 rpm speed. Windows 8.1 is preloaded on the hard drive.

When it comes to ports and connectivity features, Dell  Inspiron i15RMT-3904sLV has a built-in DVD burner, four USB ports (two of them is USB 3.0), an Ethernet port that supports 10/100, headphone/microphone port, HDMI, and one SD card slot. SD card slot is located in front of the unit. You also get a HD webcam, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi with this laptop.

It comes with 6 cell lithium ion battery which offers decent battery life

Pros of Dell Inspiron i15RMT-3904sLV

Touch screen



Long battery life

Cons of Dell Inspiron i15RMT-3904sLV


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