Element ELEFT502 50 inch 1080P LED TV

Element has a tradition of offering budget televisions and Element ELEFT502 50″ LED TV is no exception to this rule. Currently, it is available at a price of around $600 at Target. But if you can wait till Black Friday, you can get this TV at awesome discounted price.  Before buying this TV, buyer should know about the features of this HDTV set.  This television set doesn’t belong to Smart TV family; it does not  provide internet connectivity and doesn’t support 3D either.  It offers simple features.   Element ELEFT502 supports full high definition playback though.

The refresh rate of the television is 60 Hz. However, you may get 120 Hz to 240 Hz based sets at a slightly higher price, during Black Friday sales. But refresh rate of 60Hz is not too disappointing unless you are watching fast action movies or sports, where you need 120 GHz television. If you consider gaming, using the higher refresh rate actually adds artifacts to the picture during video games, as source signals used to be 60Hz. The response time is 8.5 ms which is not bad. Human eyes, generally, can’t detect any difference beyond 10ms. The contrast ratio of the display is 2000:1. However, it doesn’t matter much as each manufacturer has its own way of calculating contrast ratio. The brightness of the display is 200 cd/m2. Considering the picture quality of its smaller models ((ELEFT406 and (ELEFT405), we can expect the picture quality of ELEFT502 will be better. However, buyers shouldn’t expect same picture quality that comes with high end televisions.  The screen resolution is 1920 by 1080 which means user will get Full HD playback.  Buyer can use this television for gaming as well, however, need to adjust sitting as well as setting.

Element ELEFT502 50″  LED TV comes with 2 down firing speaker. To get maximum sound effect, the TV should be placed on stand so that sound bounces off the surface. However, connecting it with a surround sound would be the best way to get bass effect.  This HDTV is wall mountable as well.

When it comes to ports and connectivity features, 2 HDMI inputs on rear side of the television, one composite and one component input, USB 2.0 and RF Antenna Input are available with this model. As mentioned in the company website, Element ELEFT502 supports MHL which helps in viewing smart phone contents on TV. However, there is no MHL port on the Television set. Thus, users need to buy an HDMI to MHL adapter to connect their phone to the Television set. USB 2.0 supports MP3 and JPEG.

Overall,  with ELEFT502 50 inch LED TV the  Element offers a solid product at a competitive price. However if price doesn’t matters much, Buyer can take a look to Smart TV’s as this TV comes with very limited features.


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  1. mike says:

    Funny. I just bought this tv at target and it has an mhl port. Connected my phone to it easily

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