Element ELEFW195 19” LED HD TV

Element ELEFW195 is 19” LED HD television which supports up to 720p high definition playback.  Even though this television doesn’t support full HD playback still it offers enough ports and connectivity features which we expect from a small television set.  It comprises of dedicated PC input or VGA port which is one of the advantage of this television.  Element ELEFW195 comes with USB port which supports different USB external media. Thus, users can play music and view photo on this device. However, it supports limited file formats: mp3 and JPG only. The television is wall mountable. The price of the television set is only $98 (on sale at Wal-Mart). Read further to know what this budget television has to offer-

People often want bigger television set as they think bigger is better, but this is not always true. If you mount a large TV on a small room it not only looks awkward but you will also feel uncomfortable watching anything on it. The display of Element ELEFW195 is 18.5”, measured diagonally. The display technology used is Edge-Lit LED technology. It offers 1366 X 768 resolution. The contrast ratio of the television is 1000:1, which is a decent contrast ratio. The brightness is 180-250 cd/m2. The television offers 6.5 ms response time and the refreshing rate is 60Hz. User can use this television as computer monitor as well.  Element ELEFW195 comes with ATSC as  built-in tuner.

The picture menu options of Element 19” TV offers Picture mode, contrast, brightness, color, tint, sharpness, color temperature and blue screen. Standard, Dynamic, Movie, Natural, User options are available with picture mode. The sound menu offers sound mode, bass, treble, balance, auto volume, SPDIF, audio language and surround sound settings. The Sound Mode includes Standard Music, Movie and User. The television supports English, French and Spanish languages.  When it comes to parental control, it offers V-Chip to block programs that they don’t want your children to watch. Element ELEFW195 comes with two down firing speakers. As you know speakers of budget television are unable to produce true bass effect and to enhance the sound quality it will be better if you connect the television set with a home theater or a sound bar.

Besides HDMI, Element ELEFW195 comes with Antenna input, composite input, component input, VGA input. The output includes a headphone jack and coaxial audio.  Most budget televisions come with average picture quality and don’t offer wide viewing angle, but if you get it consider it a bonus. Element ELEFW195 is decent option for those who are on tight budget.

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  1. Andy Kanani says:

    Does anybody know how many watts is put out on the audio part of this versitale little TV ? I just got it a week ago but the speakers do sound a bit weird on certain channels and shows. I picked up a pair of smallish bookshelf speakers by JBL that require 10-100 watt power supply. So I need to know if this Element TV puts out at least 10 watts? Thanks guys.

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