Element ELEFW231 23″ 720p 60Hz LED HDTV

Element ELEFW231 is a 23” HD television which offers 720p HD output. It is a simple no frills television. There are many people who would spend more money on big screen, smart HD televisions and end up with getting loads of features which they never really use. The same thing happens with people who buy 3D televisions. Advantage with a small screen LED HDTVs are that they are small, compact, less expensive and very good for personal entertainment.  Drawback of Element ELEFW231 television is that it comes with only one HDMI port

Element ELEFW231 uses LED backlit technology for display which offers crisp and clear pictures. The display panel supports 1366 X 768 resolution output with 16:9 aspect ratio. This television can give HD ready video display. The refresh rate is 60Hz  which means the screen of this television gets refreshed at a rate of 60 times per second, which gives smooth transition between the picture frames that are getting displayed. Wide screen effect gives the user theater like feel. The contrast ratio is in the order of 3000:1 and response time is 8 ms. The viewing angles of this television are 160 degree for the vertical and 170 degrees for the horizontal. There is only one HDMI input to this television, thus you can’t connect more than one device at a time to the same. Every time you have to remove the cable and connect it to the device whose output you want to be displayed on the television. Buyers can use the TV as external monitor as well.

If you think about the number of full HD over the air services that are offered by broadcaster, then it will be definitely less. Also, there are not many movie channels come that broadcast full HD contents. The 1080p or the full HD capability is not that different from that of the 720p or HD ready capability. Between Standard definition and High defection there is definitely a huge difference. But between 720p and 1080p the difference is not much. What is worth noticing here is that there are many ultra-high definition televisions already circulating the market but it will take sometime before broadcasters upgrade their services and 720p televisions serve us better.

Element ELEFW231 comes with inbuilt tuner which allows the user to watch digital broadcasts over the air even without a set top box. However, it depends upon service provider as well. This television is good for people who are single and stay in studio apartment kind of setup.

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