Gateway LT41P02

Gateway LT41P02 is an inexpensive touch screen laptop from Gateway which costs around $300 and is available at Staples Canada. The 10.1” laptop is suitable for those who are looking for a machine for web surfing, video chatting, watching videos and typing documents.  The laptop is powered by dual core Intel Celeron N2805 processor which operates with 1.46GHz. The processor comprises of 1MB of cache memory.  Gateway LT41P02 comes with 2GB DDR3L SDRAM and that is the maximum RAM it supports. Considering it’s specifications, we can assume that Gateway LT41P02 won’t support high end computing. Due to its light weight, this laptop would make a great travel companion. However, only 2GB memory limits the performance. This little laptop is not suitable for gaming as well. Here is a brief review about this laptop.

Gateway LT41P02 specification and performance

Gateway LT41P02 is powered by Intel Celeron N2805 dual core processor. The processor is part of Intel’s bay trail family. It is integrated with Intel HD Graphics which operates with 667MHz. The graphics is not suitable for gaming. The Bay Trail processors are designed for small laptop and tablets. These processors are intended for providing long battery backup. It comes with low TDP rating.

Gateway LT41P02 comes with 500GB hard drive. The hard drive operates with 5400rpm. SSD is not available with this laptop, which could have enhanced its performance. For better performance, you need a minimum of 128GB SSD. But, at its current price, a 128GB SSD is not feasible. The hard drive comes preinstalled with 32bit Windows 8 Operating System.

The 10.1” LED backlit high definition touch screen display supports maximum resolution of 1366 by 768, which means it can support up to 720p high definition playback.

There is inbuilt multimedia card reader which supports Secure Digital Card. Like other netbooks, the DVD drive is missing in this laptop, even though DVD drive is one of the most used components of any laptop.

Gateway LT41P02 comes with limited number of ports. There are only 2 USB 2.0 ports.  USB 3.0 port is missing in the laptop. Beside USB ports, there is an HDMI output, VGA output, RJ 45 based Ethernet connector. Network connectivity is supported by wireless 802.11b,g and Bluetooth. The wired connectivity is supported by Ethernet LAN.

Up to 5 hours battery backup is available with 3 cell 28whr lithium ion battery pack. As informed earlier, this laptop could be an ideal travel companion.

Pros of Gateway LT41P02

Inexpensive touch screen laptop


Cons of LT41P02

Only 2 GB memory

USB 3.0 port not available

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  1. daniel kbal says:

    Hi my name is Daniel, and got a Gateway LT41P02m model. I cannot to Project the labtop screen on my TV, it appears a message that you need to re-install a driver to do that…could you help me to get that?

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