Haier LE19B3320 19” LED TV

Haier LE19B3320 is an inexpensive 19” LED television that can play up to 720p high definition contents. But, it doesn’t feature Smart TV capabilities.  Unlike other budget televisions, it comes with adequate number of ports and connectivity options.  It supports MHL feature which is often missing in budget televisions. Thus user can watch mobile contents on this television set. Also, with the help of MHL port (HDMI 2) on this TV, mobile phones can be charged. The television set comes with dedicated VGA or PC input. There are 2 HDMI inputs; one combo with MHL. The refresh rate of this television set is 60Hz.

The display of Haier LE19B3320 offers 1366 X 768 pixel resolution in 16:9 aspect ratio. The brightness of the screen is 180 cd/m2. The Edge backlit technology is used to illuminate the display. Edge lit technology helps in significantly decreasing the thickness of a television. Haier LE19B3320 is just 1.51” thick.  It comes with viewing angles ranging from 170 degree vertical to 160 degree horizontal. Even if    you have a small room to place your TV, you need not worry about the viewing angle. However, if you plan to place the television set in a big room then it is better to view it straight. The response time of Haier LE19B3320 is 5ms.  The television comes with 60Hz refresh rate. You can use the television as monitor for gaming and there will be minimal input lag as the source input will matches with the television refresh rate. It comes with inbuilt ATSC/NTSC tuner.

Picture and Sound

To adjust picture setting, available options are Picture Mode, Contrast, Brightness, Color, Tint, Sharpness, color temperature and advanced video. Haier LE19B3320 19” LED TV comes with two 3 watts bottom speakers. To adjust audio setting, bass, Treble, Balance, MTS, Digital output, Surround sound, Audio only and Auto volume options are available. As the speakers of the television are of low capacity, user can connect the television set with home theater or sound bar and get enhanced sound quality.

Parental controls (including V-Chip) are available with Haier LE19B3320 19” LED TV. It also supports USB media playback. User can watch photos and play music directly from their USB flash drive on this television. However, video playback from USB flash drive is not supported.  Only JPEG and MP3 are supported file formats.

Other significant features of this television are Sleep Timer and Closed Captioning.


Beside 2 HDMI ports, Haier LE19B3320 comes with one Component input with L/R audio, which is shared with composite input placed on the back of the television, to connect with Blu-Ray player, satellite receiver or DVD player.  Other inputs and outputs ports like HDMI, USB, VGA, PC AUDIO, HEADPHONE, COAXIAL(audio output), RF input are located on the side of the television.

Haier LE19B3320 is Wall-Mountable (VESA Compatible): 75 x 75


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