HP 17-BS011DX 17.3″ Laptop Review

HP 17-BS011DX is an affordable big laptop packed with impressive features. The laptop is powered by Intel core i5-7200u processor, 8GB DDR4 RAM and 1TB hard drive. It is not a high end laptop but is powerful enough for day to day computing. The machine is fast enough for tasks like typing docs and spreadsheets, creating presentation, office software, surfing the internet, skype/emailing and other daily computing needs. It supports small HD video editing and 3D modelling as well. But if you need to deal with such tasks on a day to day basis then you need a laptop with better configuration. Model: 17-BS011DX doesn’t come with dedicated graphics with video memory.  Instead the laptop offers Integrated Intel HD 620 graphics which uses system memory. This laptop comes with 1600 X 900 display which is standard for a 17.3” laptop. However, full HD IPS display produces sharper images. Another disadvantage of the laptop is that it comes with slow hard drive. A faster 7200rpm hard drive or Solid State Drive can boost performance of a laptop to some extent. Basically, you have to make some compromise when you buy a cheap laptop. If you are looking for an affordable laptop that offers enough performance for all your tasks then you can consider MSI GL72 7QF-1057 which is powered by Intel i7-7700HQ quad core processor, 8GB DDR4 RAM and 1TB 7200rpm hard drive. It has NVIDIA Geforce GTX 960M graphics with 2GB DDR5 video memory. None of the laptops mentioned above come with backlit keyboard. However, this MSI laptop comes with premium steel series 102 key keyboard and offers many premium features.

Here is a brief review about specifications of HP 17-BS011DX. Intel core i5-7200u has two cores which operate with base frequency of 2.5 GHz and frequency can rise up to 3.1GHz. On the other hand, Intel core i7-7700HQ has 4 cores which operate with base frequency of 2.8GHz and frequency can rise up to 3.8GHz. Intel core i5-7200u has 3MB of cache while Intel core i7-7700HQ comes with a massive 6 MB of cache. Both the processors are part of Intel’s Kabylake family and support hyperthreading which means each core can work as two virtual cores. Thus, in case of i7-7700HQ, it will be 8 virtual cores.  Again MSI GL72 7QF-1057 comes with IPS full HD display which means it offers wide viewing angle. If you need a laptop for HD video editing, music creation, 3D modelling/rendering then MSI GL72 7QF-1057 will be a more suitable option for you. Again, HP 17-BS011DX supports up to 802.11 n while MSI laptop supports wireless ac.

If you are on tight budget and looking for a laptop with better processor, within similar price range, then you can consider HP 17.3″ HD Premium High Performance Laptop.  It comes with Intel core i7-7500u processor which is a dual core processor and operates within 2.7GHz to 3.5GHz frequency range. It has 4MB of cache. It also comes with 8GB RAM and 1TB 5400 rpm. All the above mentioned laptops come with inbuilt optical drive.

HP 17-BS011DX comes with 8GB DDR4 2133MHz memory. It has two memory slots and you can upgrade memory up to 16GB.  The hard drive is also easily accessible in this laptop. You can also replace hard drive with Solid State Drive to get faster booting. However, before upgrading or expanding memory you must check with the manufacturer if it voids the product warranty.

The laptop runs on Windows 10 home 64 bit. It doesn’t comes with MS office.

When it comes to ports and connectivity features, the HP laptop offers 2 USB 3.1 Gen 1 (Data transfer only), 1 USB 2.0,  1 HDMI,  1 RJ-45, 1 headphone/microphone combo and SD card reader. It has integrated HD webcam as well. As told earlier, the keyboard is not backlit keyboard. For networking, it supports Gigabit Ethernet, Wi-fi 802.11 b/g/n and Bluetooth 4.0.

HP 17-BS011DX comes with 3-cell, 31 Wh Li-ion battery which offers battery backup of 4 hours (approx.). However, it depends upon usage. The battery is removable

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