HP Pavilion 15-N028US

HP Pavilion 15-N028US is not a touch screen laptop but offers enough performance for its price. This laptop is designed for budget conscious consumers who need extra performance.  Equipped with 2.0 GHz quad core AMD A6-5200 processor, it supports casual photo/video editing and moderate gaming. As it can execute all necessary office tasks, this laptop is suitable for office use as well. HP 15-N028US incorporates 6 GB RAM for better multitasking and its 750 GB hard drive provides enough storage. It is a mainstream laptop and comes with DVD burner as optical drive. But there is no VGA port and if you want to connect the laptop to a projector or external monitor, that doesn’t have HDMI, you need to buy HDMI to VGA adapter. The price of this laptop is $350 approx (at Staples sale). Original price of this model is much higher.  Here is a brief review on key features of HP Pavilion 15 N028US.

HP Pavilion 15-N028US specification and performance

HP Pavilion 15-N028US is powered by AMD A6-5200 quad core processor which operates with 2GHz frequency. Turbocore feature is not available with the APU, so there is no way to overclock the processor. AMD HD Radeon 8400 graphics is integrated with the processor which uses system memory. The accelerated processor unit comprises of 2MB of L2 Cache. As told earlier, buyers shouldn’t expect high end gaming from HP 15-N028US.  Crysis 2, Call of Duty Black ops 2, Resident Evil 5, Just Cause 2, Counter Strike Global offensive etc are just playable in low details and settings. Low end games like StarCraft II, WOW, Diablo III are playable as well. Buyers shouldn’t expect high frame rate from this processor. As the processor has 4 cores, multithreaded application will also run well.   As told earlier, the laptop is suitable for small photo and video editing. Besides these, it can also stream HD videos seamlessly.

Though HP Pavilion 15-N028US belongs to budget laptop segment, yet it comes with 6 GB memory and 750 GB hard drive. Windows 8 Operating system is offered with the laptop.

The 15.6 “  LED backlit HD non touch display panel offers 1366 X 768 pixel resolution and support 720p HD playback.

3 USB ports are available with the laptop – 2 USB 3.0 and 1 USB 2.0. Other connectivity options available with this model are: one HDMI output, LAN jack and combo audio jack. There is a Multi-format digital media card reader that can read Secure Digital card formats. Network connectivity is supported by Fast Ethernet and 802.11 b/g/n wi-fi.

HP has decided to reduce battery capacity in case of this laptop. Instead of standard 6 cell 47whr battery, it offers 4 cell 41 whr battery with this laptop. Thus, user will get up to 3.5- 4 hours of battery life, on single charge.

Pros of HP pavilion 15-N028US

2 USB 3.0 port

6 GB memory

750 GB hard drive

Cons of HP pavilion 15-n028us

No Bluetooth

No touch screen

Low end processor

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  1. Susan says:

    I just bought a Pavilion 15-N028US under 3 months ago and the keyboard died!!! Maybe it overheated?? 

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