HP Pavilion 17-e134nr

HP Pavilion 17-e134nr is a desktop replacement laptop and it offers processing power for regular computing as well as for gaming, at an affordable price. This laptop is currently being offered at $350 (at Office Depot and Office Max). The original price of this laptop is much higher but it is not a touch screen laptop. This system includes AMD A8-4500M quad core accelerated processor,  integrated DirectX 11-compatible Radeon HD 7640G graphics, 500GB hard drive and 4GB memory. HP 17-e134nr could be a budget gaming laptop for those who cannot afford a high end gaming system. The 17.3” display though doesn’t offer full high definition resolution yet you may not experience pixelated images. Users can expect average battery life. If you are not much concerned about touch screen and looking for affordable desktop replacement laptop then this laptop notebook could be a good choice. The keyboard manages to accommodate a dedicated numeric keypad, which is beneficial for those who have to work a lot with spreadsheets and similar applications. There are 2 USB 3.0 ports and it comes with inbuilt DVD drive. Here is a brief review about specifications and performance of HP Pavilion 17-e134nr:

HP Pavilion 17-e134nr specification and performance

Though HP 17 e134nr doesn’t include Intel i5 or i7 processor still you can’t ignore the power of AMD AMD A8-4500M accelerated processor. AMD A8-4500M is a quad core accelerated processor that operates with 1.9GHz frequency. Processor frequency can rise up to 2.8 GHz due to AMD Turbocore technology. Besides this, it comes with huge 4MB of L2 cache memory. It’s zippy enough for regular computing. For instance, it supports typing documents, emailing and browsing the Web. It could be fine for Internet video streaming, playing games and doing office work.  High end games like GTA 4, Dirt 3, Crysis 3 are playable in this laptop in low details and setting. Low end games can be played fluently. This laptop could offer decent performance for casual media editing and encoding/decoding photos and videos.

HP Pavilion 17-e134nr offers 4GB DDR3L SDRAM which can be expanded up to 8GB. Memory expansion would be advisable for those who want to use this laptop for playing games or editing media. It comes with 500GB hard drive which operates with 5400 rpm. Considering the price we couldn’t expect a speedy HDD or a SSD + HDD option. Windows 8.1 is preinstalled on the hard drive.

17.3” HD LED backlight widescreen display offers maximum resolution of 1600 by 900 which supports 900p HD playback but will not be able to display 1080p contents.

As far as ports are concerned, HP 17-e134nr offers 3 USB ports (two of them being USB 3.0), one HDMI port, VGA port, a media card reader,  an Ethernet port and headphone/microphone  combo port.    There is no Bluetooth support but buyer will get an integrated high definition webcam and Wi-Fi support.

The 6 cell 47WHr 2.2 Ah lithium-ion battery offers up to 4 hours of battery life (when charged fully)

Pros of HP Pavilion 17-e134nr

Inexpensive laptop with powerful performance

USB 3.0 port


Cons of HP Pavilion 17-e134nr

No Touch Screen


4 Responses to HP Pavilion 17-e134nr

  1. avalonfal says:

    IMO, too much use of the word “could” to be any kind of a meaningful review, e.g., it “could offer decent performance for casual media editing…..” and it “could be fine for Internet video streaming…..”. Well, does it or not??

  2. Abby says:

    I purchased this laptop less than a week ago and have been experiencing 80 degrees C at idle for the processor. It’s gotten as high as 103 just browsing the web. Before I go and exchange it for the same model — have you experienced this issue?

    • wpadmin says:

      Could you confirm if the temperature is in Celsius or Fahrenheit. Because if it is Fahrenheit, which is actually a reasonable temperature. You weren’t supposed to go over 100

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