HP Pavilion dm1-3020us Review

If you are always on travel and need a laptop which comes with size of a netbook but delivers performance of a full fledged notebook then you can take a look at HP pavilion dm1-3020us. Though it will cost you more than a netbook, yet it will serve the purpose of both netbook and notebook. This 11.6” notebook is based on dual core AMD E-350 APU, the latest product from AMD, which not only enhances the performance of notebook but also provides prolonged battery life. Pavilion dm1-3020us comes with 3GB memory and 320GB hard drive with 7,200 rpm speed. Read further to know more about dm1-3020us-

HP Pavilion dm1-3020us specs

Under the metal alloy chassis, HP dm1-3020us encases latest AMD E series E-350 APU or accelerated processing unit. Actually, in this new platform of AMD, graphics and a dual core processor are merged into a single die along with memory controller and I/O buses. With passage of time, consumers have become more inclined towards portability and the APU is designed to be used from thin netbook to mainstream notebook, without sacrificing the performance. Each of the two cores of AMD E-350 is clocked with 1.6GHz and 1 MB of L2 cache.

The graphics part of the APU is represented by AMD Radeon HD 6310M  and is DirectX 11 capable. Though the graphics is comparable with entry level discrete GPU, yet due to missing dedicated memory and lack in processor speed, the graphics can’t deliver expected performance which is needed for gaming. You can however,  play games like Call of duty 4, starcraft 2 at low details and low settings on dm1-3020us

The APU comprises of Unified Video decoder 3 which can decode MPEG2, H.264 and VC-1 formats. You can watch HD videos seamlessly.

Memory-HP pavilion dm1-3020us comes with 3GB of DDR3 memory with maximum capacity of 8GB in two slots

Display-The 11.6” display of dm1-3020us is LED backlit and offers up to 1366*768 resolutions.

Hard drive– As told earlier the laptop provides 320GB of storage space with 7,200rpm speed.

Audio Audio is supported by Dolby Advanced Audio with Altec lansing speakers.

Network connectivity Pavilion dm1-3020us provides both wired and wireless networking support. For wired connectivity it comes with 10/100 Fast Ethernet and for wi-fi it offers 802.11 b/g/n. Ports include 3.USB 2.0 ports, HDMI output and multi-in-one media card reader.

The company claims that HP dm1-3020us provides up to 9 hours of battery life.

Pros of HP dm1-3020us

Dual core processor with decent graphics

Long battery life

Metallic finish

Full size keyboard

Cons of dm1-3020us

No DVD burner

No bluetooth

Final Thoughts

The 11.6″ size ( diagonally) makes HP dm1-3020us portable and also its price is reasonable. So if you are professional or student you can use it unless you have to go through some processor or graphics demanding tasks as the speed of processor is only 1.6GHz and graphics doesn’t come with dedicated memory.


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  1. […] Each core of E-350 APU has 1.6GHz clock speed and 1MB of L2 cache. The role of graphics is played by AMD Radeon HD 6130M which supports Microsoft DirectX 11 but you can hardly play modern games respectably. The reason being, to play games you need good processing speed along with decent graphics and sufficient amount of memory.  HP dm1-3025dx offers 3GB memory and comes preinstalled with 64 bits Windows 7 home premium, so a big part of memory is used by Windows itself. As per specifications, up to 1460MB memory can be used by graphics dynamically. So, you may get disappoint if you consider it as a gaming laptop.  You can watch High definition movies not only in your laptop but in your HDTV as well by means of HDMI port. You can avail more details on AMD E series E-350 in HP  dm1-3020us review […]

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