HP ProBook 4530s XU074UT Review

When it comes to professional notebooks from HP, the first name that comes to mind is HP Probook. HP Probook notebook or laptops are now available with Sandy bridge processor and come with loads of other feature as well. The model is named as HP Probook 4530s. This sturdy piece of engineering comes with metallic grey outfit with brushed aluminum finish. The model comes with different specs, from low end to high end Sandy Bridge processor (core i3- i7 ). However, if you don’t need to execute high end tasks then you can look for HP ProBook 4530s XU074UT which is available at a pretty affordable price of $480 at circuitcity, at the time of writing this review. However, original price of the notebook is more than $600.

HP ProBook 4530s XU074UT specifications and verdicts

HP 4530s XU074UT Probook is equipped with Intel core i3-2310M Sandy Bridge processor which is a dual core processor and boasts of an impressive 3MB dynamically shared cache. Similar to earlier core i3 M series Arrandale processor, it is a dual core processor with integrated DDR3 memory controller, DMI on the processor and supports hyperthreading technology. One distinct feature which distinguishes these two processors is Advanced Vector Extensions (AVX). The graphics is integrated with processor and delivers high performing than earlier Intel GMA HD graphics which comes with Arrandale CPU. The benchmark is higher for core i3-2310M as compared with core i3-380M.


HP 4530s XU074UT comes with Intel HD Graphics 3000. Actually it is integrated with CPU and doesn’t have its own memory. It shares memory from L3 cache memory of CPU and system memory.  Though it is an upgraded version of previous generation of Intel GMA HD card yet it is not considered as high end gaming card. You can, however, play lots of newer version of games in low to medium details and setting like call of duty- Black ops, Battle field bad company etc.


Tests conducted by notebook check.net revealed that some games like Left 4 Dead 2 and Supreme Commander are too dark to play. As HP ProBook 4530s XU074UT is intended for professional users so we are not emphasizing more on gaming.


While considering performance of professional softwares, as memory is only 3GB, the result may not be impressive. So, you may find it difficult to run latest CAD software on this machine.  However, RAM can be upgraded to 8GB.


The laptop comes with 250GB hard disk space with 7,200 rpm speed and Windows 7 Professional 32-Bit operating system


Other significant features of HP ProBook 4530s XU074UT include

One express card slot

DVD burner

4 USB ports

1 HDMI ports


802.11 b/g/n wi-fi

10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet LAN



The battery life of HP ProBook 4530s XU074UT is claimed to be up to 6.25 hours. It comes with spill resistant keyboard. This notebook is the latest business class from HP notebook. Not only the features of this notebook are impressive, it is sturdy as well.


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