Insignia NS-32D20SNA14 32″ LED 720p 60Hz HDTV

Insignia NS-32D20SNA14 is a 32” budget LED HDTV which doesn’t support full high definition, but you can watch with 720p HD playback. The refresh rate of this TV is 60 Hz which is standard for most of such entry level televisions. Unless you are going to view fast moving actions, for instance, sports like soccer, basketball, you may not need more than 60Hz. For regular playback, the refresh rate is reasonable. Insignia NS-32D20SNA14 is not a Smart TV and only two HDMI ports are available with television; one of them is shared with DVI. The price of the set is under$200. Let us see what it is offering at this price.

Insignia NS-32D20SNA14 comes with two 5W speakers. Most entry level sets come with 8W speakers. Thus, this feature may disappoint some HDTV buyers, but a low end television set doesn’t provide enhanced bass experience and it needs to be hooked up with a surround sound system to get quality sound.

The response time for this HDTV is 6ms which is standard for most TVs.  However, below 10ms is hardly noticeable by human eyes. The viewing angle is 176 degrees, both vertical and horizontal. The dynamic contrast ratio is 5500:1. However, each manufacturer has its own way of calculating dynamic contrast ratio. Insignia NS-32D20SNA14 can be used as a computer monitor for gaming. It is very likely, though, that the output wouldn’t be very impressive as it supports only 720p. If you are used to sitting near to the set then you may experience grainy pictures. To experience better picture quality, you need to set the position as well as brightness.

When it comes to connectivity, Insignia NS-32D20SNA14 offers standard features which include one HDMI port, one HDMI/DVI shared port, one component video, one shared component/composite video, one shared component/composite audio, one PC, one 3.5mm PC/DVI audio and one antenna/cable. Output includes 1 headphone/analog audio and 1 optical digital audio. You can connect your VHS player with set.

There is one USB port which supports JPEG media stored on compatible USB-enabled devices and use for firmware upgrades as well.

Insignia is known for manufacturing budget HD Televisions without sacrificing much of the features.  Earlier high end TV sets from the manufacturer have received good customer rating and reviews. Insignia NS-32D20SNA14 is not high end television but, considering its price and features, it can position itself as a strong competitor against low end sets from LG, Sony, Samsung, Toshiba, and Panasonic.

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