Intel Atom N570 Dual Core Processor Review

Intel Atom N570 processor is a dual core processor with Hyper Threading technology intended for Netbooks and Tablet PCs.  This processor belongs to Pineview family of Intel processors and is a successor to Intel Atom N550 processor.  Each core of the processor operates with 1.66 GHz and comes integrated with 1 MB of L2 cache.  The processor can best support computing tasks such as word processing, listening music, video chatting etc. However, due to presence of two cores with Hyper Threading technology, one can expect enhanced performance from the processor. So, for basic multitasking N570 equipped netbooks could be a good choice. Acer’s new stylish Aspire One Happy 2 series is built upon Atom N570 processors.

Intel N570 atom processor has been fabricated with 45nm lithography and can support 64 bits of instruction set. The processor is likely to require less power to run, during normal operations.  The TDP or thermal design power of the processor is set to 8.5 watt. N570 comes with single channel integrated memory controller and supports DDR3 memory. It can support maximum of 2 GB memory and 667 MHz speed grade.

Atom N570 processor communicates with chipset through DMI or Direct Media Interface bus which can transfer data at 2.5GT/s. It comes with Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3150 which is an elementary level graphics. One can’t consider the system for gaming, even in low details and setting.  At the most, you can try older Sims, Halflife 2, GTA and other similar games. The graphics doesn’t support HDMI.

When it comes to advance features, Intel N570 processor supports Hyper Threading technology, which allows each core to process 2 threads at a time, Execute disable bit to stop execution of malicious programs or applications and thermal monitoring technology.

Intel Atom N550 vs N570

While comparing N570 atom processor with N550 you will find that all the features are same except the fact that N570 operates with higher frequency. Intel Atom N550 works with 1.5 Ghz, while N570 operates with 1.66Ghz.  The difference, however, is hardly noticeable while executing day to day tasks.

AMD E-350 vs Atom N570

The performance of graphics in case of AMD E -350 is very high as compared with Atom N570 processor.  AMD E-350 APU comes with AMD Radeon HD 6310 graphics, which can decode Full HD contents smoothly and can run many current games at low details, provided sufficient amount of memory is available. Also, in case of AMD E-350 APU, you can upgrade memory beyond 2GB.

If you compare Intel Atom N570 with AMD C-50 dual core APU, you will find that C-50 provides better graphics performance, even though it operates at 1GHz frequency, and provides higher and faster memory support.

Benchmark of Intel Atom N570 processor

The passmark score for N570 processor is 638

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