Intel Celeron 1007U Dual core Processor

Intel Celeron 1007U is a dual core mobile processor which is designed for ultrabooks and small laptops. Each core operates with 1.5 GHz frequency and has 2MB of L3 cache.  This is an ultra low voltage processor (ULV) and comes with integrated graphics. The processor doesn’t support Hyperthreading and turbo boost technology. Thus, each core can process only one thread, at a time.  The processor is an Ivy Bridge processor or Intel’s third generation processor and is fabricated with 22nm technology.

Celeron 1007U specification

Considering it’s frequency, Celeron 1007U is suitable for basic computing task like typing, browsing or web surfing.  Paired with Intel HD graphics, the unit is designed to support up to 32 GB of memory. However, most laptop manufacturers allow you to upgrade memory up to 8GB only and few machine support maximum of 4GB memory. The memory types supported by the Intel Celeron 1007U are DDR3L- 1333/1600 and DDR3RS-1333/1600.

The integrated Intel HD graphics that comes with the processor is not a high end graphics. Basic frequency of the graphics is 350MHZ and it can turbo boost up to 1GHz. With sufficient memory, user can play low end games in low details and settings. High end games are barely playable on a laptop that is integrated with this processor unit. The TDP rating is 17W.

When it comes to advance technology, Intel Celeron 1007u dual core processor supports Intel Virtual Technology (VT-X), Intel 64 (for 64 bits computing) and Intel speedstep technology (for power consumption optimization)

Intel has recently unveiled its successor Intel Celeron 1037U which is clocked with much higher frequency of 1.8GHz.  However, rest of the features, like graphics and technology, remain same.

Benchmark of Intel Celeron 1007U

As for Benchmark, the passmark score for Intel Celeron 1007U is 1428.


Compared with AMD E1-1200 APU, the Intel Celeron 1007U operates with higher clock speed and is more energy efficient. On chip cache memory is also higher in case of 1007U. AMD  E1-1200 consumes little more power when compared with Intel  Celeron 1007U.

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