Intel Core i3-2330M Review-2.2GHz Frequecy

Intel Core i3-2330M is the latest mobile processor from Intel Sandy Bridge Processor family, which was launched during second quarter of year 2011. Core i3 2330M is a successor to i3-2310M. Each core of the processor operates with 2.2 GHz frequency and, like other core i3 processors, t his CPU also has Hyper Threading enabled. As i3 processors are dual core processors, both the cores of Intel core i3-2330M processor can process 4 threads at the same time, with the help of Hyper Threading technology.  Intel had earlier promised introduction of AVX instruction set into Sandy Bridge processor core and they have fulfilled the promise by incorporating AVX in Core i3-2330M processor.

Advanced Vector Extensions (AVX) basically is a new 256 bit instruction set from Intel and is designed for applications which make intensive use of Floating Point (FP) calculation. Intel AVX is an extension to their earlier released instruction set, Intel SSE, for Pentium III series processors. Intel AVX significantly improves performance due to its rich functionality, resulting in better management of data and general purpose applications related to multimedia, 3D modeling, scientific calculations, financial applications and data analysis.

Core i3-2330M also offers 3MB Level 3 cache. Tertiary or L3 Cache is designed to accelerate access to frequently searched data and is used as large and shared data buffer on current multi-core processors. For example, Graphics can share L3 cache along with processor cores.

Like other Sandy Bridge processors, Intel core i3-2330M also comes with integrated graphics and memory controller.  However, graphics may be enabled or disabled depending on motherboard and chipset used. The integrated Graphics operates with 650MHz frequency and can Turbo Boost up to 1.1GHz frequency.  Though it is not a gaming graphics, still it can support many 3D games in low to medium details, depending upon processor and amount of memory available in the system. With core i3-2330M processor and 4GB memory, one can play older games like Counter Strike, WoW  etc., in low details and settings. The graphics support HDMI display port.  It also supports Intel wireless display which means users can transfer their laptop contents on TV wirelessly. The graphics provide smooth playback of HD videos. Performance wise, it can compete with any entry level dedicated graphics card.

If core i3-2330M processor is used with mid level dedicated graphics card then you might see improved graphics performance.

Intel core i3-2330M processor chip comes with integrated dual channel memory controller which supports maximum amount of 16GB of memory. Supported memory speeds are DDR3-1066 and DDR3-1333 and it can provide maximum memory bandwidth of 21.3 GB/s

Core i3-2330M connects with platform controller Hub or chipset via high speed DMI.  The DMI can transfer DATA at the rate of 5 Giga transfer per sec (maximum).

When it comes to performance, some Intel core i3-2330M reviews suggest that, due to Hyper Threading technology, up to 20% performance boost can be observed when 2 or more threads are processed simultaneously.

Intel core i3-2330M is fabricated with 32nm technology and TDP of the processor is 35watt.

Intel core i3-2330M benchmark

Passmark score for core i3-2330M is 2504, at the time of publishing this article.

Core i3-2310M vs core i3-2330M

Only difference between the two processors is that Intel Core i3-2310M operates with 2.1GHz frequency where as Core i3-2330M operates with 2.2GHz frequency. As such, users will not see any major difference in performance while working with either of the processors.


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  1. Brad says:

    As far as I can see, the critical difference is that the 2330 support 16gb of ram instead of the 2310’s 8gb of RAM.

    Kind Regards


  2. Chuy Davila says:

    estas portatiles i3 2330m ya no vienen conel fallo del chip?

  3. Wyzard says:

    hey. i have an qwestion. an laptop with i3-2330M 4gb ram and Nvidia Gforce GT 520m ( 1gb) can play wow at low details and have something like 60-70 fps ? ty

  4. Thanks for this excellent review.I recently purchased a Gateway NV57H with this processor,and I am very pleased with its performance. Laptops have come a long way in price/performance thanks to this stunning lineof value-priced processors.

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