Intel core i3-4010U vs Intel core i3-3217U

Intel core i3-4010U vs Intel core i3-3217U – which one is the better processor- such queries are very common. We understand that anyone asking these questions clearly need some kind of help in one direction or the other, or may be looking for some guidance.
Intel core i3-4010U processor is a dual core processor belonging to 4th generation Intel processor or Haswell family while Intel core i3-3217U is also a dual core processor but belongs to 3rd generation or Ivy Bridge family. Both the processors are  built with 22nm technology. Ivy Bridge was a die shrink of Sandy Bridge processor and fabrication process moved down from 32nm to 22nm. Haswell  also used the same 22 nm manufacturing process but it is using a new microarchitecture that is more efficient. Similarly clocked Haswell processor offers 6-10% more performance over ivy Bridge processor.

Core i3-4010u operates with 1.7GHz frequency and comes with 3MB of smart cache. On the other hand, i3-3217u operates with 1.8GHz frequency and comes with 3MB of smart cache.  Thus the performance offered by 1.7GHz , i3 4010U is on par with 1.8GHz core i3 3217u for most of the applications – in fact, slightly better.  In day to day computing, user will hardly detect any difference in performance. However, overall performance of a laptop does not entirely depend on processor. The performance also depends on amount and speed of memory, type of hard drive etc.

Intel core i3-4010u comes with Data protection technologies like AES New Instructions and Secure Key which help in protecting your data. These technologies are missing in core i3-3217U processor.


When it comes to graphics, Intel core i3-3217U comes with Intel HD 4000 integrated graphics while Intel core i3-4010U has Intel HD 4400 graphics. Intel HD 4400 offers improved 3D performance over that of Intel HD 4000. However, both the processors are unable to run high end games as both are designed to support regular computing and not PC gaming.

Intel core i3 4010u as well as Intel core i3 3217u are ULV or Ultra low voltage processor. The processors come with low TDP. TDP rating for i3-3217u is 17watt while that of i3-4010u is 15Watt. Thus, i3-4010u is more energy efficient.


The Passmark score for Intel core i3-3217u is 2298 while for i3-4010u it is 2507

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