Intel Pentium 2020M dual core processor review

Intel Pentium 2020M is a dual core processor and each core operates with 2.4 GHz frequency. The processor is 3rd generation Pentium processor and is based on ivy bridge architecture.  It has 2MB of level 3 cache. This processor is designed for entry level mainstream laptops. Intel 2020M Pentium processor is ideally meant for everyday computing tasks like typing documents, browsing internet with multiple tabs, social media, watching HD videos but, due to high clock speed, it offers more than regular computing. With sufficient memory, Pentium 2020M offers better performance for occasional editing photos, encoding of audio/videos and occasional gaming. The TDP rating of this processor is 35 watts.

Pentium 2020M doesn’t support Hyperthreading technology which means each core can handle single thread at a time. Unlike other Pentium processors, it doesn’t support Turboboost technology either. The aggressive clock speed of the processor makes it suitable for business use as well.  Users can work with MS Excel or other spreadsheet application, create presentation with PowerPoint or with other presentation program, print PDFs on Pentium 2020M equipped machine. It can also compress large files.

Intel Pentium 2020M comes with Intel HD graphics which usually comes with 3rd generation processor. Both, graphics and processor are fabricated with 22nm lithography. This Intel HD graphics has been improved over earlier Intel HD 3000 graphics that comes with Intel SandyBridge processor. The graphics operates with 650 MHz and the frequency can boost up to 1.1 MHz.  The graphics supports up to 3 displays. It supports full HD playback as well. The graphics has DirectX 11 support and offers casual gaming as well. Not all high end games are playable with this graphics but games like Tomb raider, Gird 2, Skyrim can be played in low details and settings. Other low end games like Fifa 13, starcraft II heart of the swarm and older low end games like Sims 3, half life 2 etc. can be played fluently. The gaming performance of Intel 2020M processor can be increased by pairing it with a dedicated graphics card like NVIDIA Geforce GT 740M with 2 GB video memory. Such a combination offers lot of gaming. User can play Battlefield 3, Far cry 3, Assassin’s Creed in medium settings.

Intel Pentium 2020M features dual channel memory controller. It is supports up to 32GB memory. However, it entirely depends upon computer manufacturer, how much memory they will offer with the system. Types of memory supported memory are DDR3-1333, DDR3-1600, DDR3L-1333, DDR3L-1600.

Pentium B960 vs Pentium 2020M

Compared with 2.2 GHz Intel Pentium B960, Pentium 2020M is significantly faster and yields better graphics performance. However, the 3rd generation Intel Pentium Processor comes with additional features. Pentium 2020M comes with hardware acceleration, mywi-fi and virtualization are missing in Pentium B960.

Pentium 2127u vs 2020M

If compared with Intel Pentium 2127u which operates with 1.9 GHz, Pentium 2020M is much faster. Due to high clock speed, Pentium 2020M will not only handle single threaded application much better but it runs most programs faster. Graphics performance will be better. However, Pentium 2127u is more energy efficient.

Benchmark of Pentium 2020M

The Passmark score for Intel Pentium 2020M is 2337

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