Intel Pentium 957 Processor Review

Intel’s product page has recently listed a new Ultra-low voltage processors based on Sandy Bridge architecture. Intel Pentium 957 processor is aimed at ultra slim notebooks and laptops. Pentium 957 was recently incorporated in Samsung 3 series laptops. Each of the two cores of the processor operates with clock speed of 1.2 GHz frequency and has 2MB of L3 cache. The processor supports 64 bit instructions set and is fabricated with 32nm technology. The TDP of Intel 957 Pentium Processor is 17 watts.

Intel Pentium 957 Processor is a dual core processor. But, like Intel core i3 processors, it doesn’t incorporate Intel Hyper-Threading technology. So it can’t process multiple threads at the same time. It also lacks in Turbo Boost technology, thus, auto over-clocking is not possible. The main advantage of Pentium 957 processor is its low power consumption but one can’t expect high performance from this processor. More precisely, the specs of the processor indicate that it can do basic tasks like typing, browsing, listening to music and watching video for home and office users alike. However, as the processor has two cores, you can get better multitasking than single core Celeron processor or atom450 and 455 processors.


Like other Sandy Bridge processors, the processor die incorporates Intel HD graphics along with integrated memory controller and cache. The base frequency of graphics is 350 MHz, which can achieve max Dynamic frequency of 800MHz, and supports HDMI, DP, SDVO and eDP.  Similar to other Sandy Bridge processors, graphics is able to share level3 cache memory and supports dual display. However, graphics doesn’t offer all the features which come with core series of Sandy Bridge processors.


Intel Pentium 957 dual core processor supports a maximum of 8GB DDR3 memory and supported speed grades are DDR3-1066 and DDR3- 1333. Besides these, maximum supported memory bandwidth by Pentium 957 is 21.3 GB/s


Intel processor 957 doesn’t support Intel Virtualization technology, but offers basic features like Enhanced Speedstep technology for intelligent power usage. It also offers Intel Fast and Flex memory Access features to enhance the performance and Executable disable bit feature to prevent processing of malicious code.

The processor chip fits into FCBGA1023 socket and supports PCI E 2.0

Intel Pentium B940 or B950 VS Intel Pentium 957 

Though both the processors feature two cores and based on Sandy Bridge Architecture, still Intel Pentium B940 or B950 will deliver better performance than 957 processor due to following reasons :

  1. Intel Pentium B940 and 950 operate at much higher clock speed than Intel 957 Pentium processor
  2. Graphics base frequency for B940 and B950 are much higher than Intel 957 processor.

Other features in above processors are more or less same except TDP, which is 17 for Pentium 957 and 35 for B940 and b950.

When it comes to comparison, AMD E series E-350 processor is comparable with Intel Pentium 957 processor.

Benchmark of Intel Pentium 957

There is no BenchmarK data available of Intel Pentium 957, as yet.

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