JVC BC50R 50″ 1080p 120Hz Class LED-LCD HDTV

Ever since the digitalization started there has been lot of LCD and LED Televisions that are available in the market. But selecting the correct model which provides maximum features at minimum price is a difficult job, but sometimes it becomes easy when you just go by big brand name. JVC is one of the pioneers in consumer electronics industry and the latest model of television launched by them is simply the best among all its peers. The name of the model is JVC BC50R 50″ 1080p 120Hz Class LED-LCD (2″ ultra-slim) HDTV, which is 50 inch High definition television, which can give you a theatre experience at your home. It cost you around $600.

It’s not just the screen size; this television can support 1080p video resolution which can give the user the complete digital full HD experience. Being ultra slim, just 2 inches, makes it completely sleek in looks and easy to handle. The refresh rate of JVC BC50R is 120 Hz (rate at which the content of the screen is refreshed) which simply means the screen contents get updated 120 times in one second. Normally, the other television comes with refreshing rate of just 60 Hz or 60 times in one second.  But this television’s refresh rate is twice that of the other televisions thus it helps the user view the minute details of the video. If you are playing video games with higher frame rates then you will get advantage of higher refresh rate. Otherwise it doesn’t matter much. Viewing foot ball matches and movies will be a wonderful experience on this television.  The response time of JVC BC50R HDTV is 6.5ms which is though not best in the industry.


The aspect ratio of  JVC BC50R LED-LCD HDTV is 16 : 9 and  is edge back-lit. The viewing angle of this HD televisions is 178 degree which gives ultimate viewing experience anywhere inside the living room. However, 178 degree is standard feature. XinemaSound 3D acoustic and post processing technology provides the user a theater / stadium like experience and enhances the television viewing experience. Additionally, the crystal motion and crystal color technologies which will provide detailed motion viewing experience where the user can view everything as it is as clear as a crystal and crystal color technology takes the viewer to the next level of television viewing.

There are three HDMI input ports thus we can connect set top box, DVD player and computer, laptop, gaming consoles and other HD compatible devices to the television and switch among the same as per our choice of the content. There is a inbuilt tuner thus we can connect the cable input directly and view the same. Aside from HDMI and RF input there is one component / Composite input and one USB input through which the user can connect any USB mass media device and view movies, pictures and listen to audio available in the USB device. The other features include auto contrast using ambient light sensor, local dimming and E LED backlight which provides the user with unmatched viewing experience.

The  disadvantage of JVC BC50R LED-LCD HDTV  is that it doesn’t have internet feature and needs a perfect wall mounting, other than that this television is the one of the best of this generation.

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