Lenovo B570-1068AJU Review- Intel Pentium B950 Processor

Model B570-1068AJU is Lenovo’s latest addition to the computer market and is intended for students and home users. Being a budget laptop, the build is not very attractive but it is sturdy. Lenovo B570-1068AJU belongs to the family of laptops with standard 15.6” screen size. At the time of publishing this article, it is available at $300, at Best Buy.  Besides being affordable, consumer will get a 0.3 megapixel webcam and HDMI output, either of which is generally not found, in laptops or notebooks, within this price range. However, 3GB memory is not considered enough for a Windows 7 home premium based laptop, if you intend to do lots of multitasking or memory intensive tasks. Available memory with the laptop can be considered good for web browsing and processing office documents, though.

The silver gray Lenovo B570-1068AJU is integrated with Intel Pentium B950 dual core processor, which is step up of earlier released Pentium B940 processor. The only difference between these processors is the operating frequency. Intel Pentium B950 operates with slightly greater frequency; it works with 2.1GHz while B940 operates with 2GHz, other specs remain more or less the same between the two processors. Like B940, Pentium B950 also comprises of 2MB of cache. The processor is good enough for day to day computing, including light gaming and photo editing.

Like any other Sandy Bridge processor, Intel Pentium B950 processor package also comprises of Intel HD 3000 graphics, which rests on the same die. The graphics is better than earlier Intel integrated HD graphics and delivers crisp pictures. You can watch high definition videos, up to 720p, on Lenovo B570-1068AJU. HDMI output available with the laptop helps in transferring images and videos, to external HD monitors on HDTV. Consumers can watch videos or photos in full HD, if their HDTV or monitor supports this feature. When it comes to gaming, neither the processor nor the graphics, supports extreme gaming. Also, amount of memory is too low for such gaming. Low end games and old games can be played in this laptop, under controlled settings. For instance, users can play world of warcraft, Sims 2 etc. in low to medium details and settings.

Model B570-1068AJU offers 3GB DDR3 memory and 320GB hard drive. However, users can upgrade memory up to 8GB. The 15.6” screen features LED backlit HD display with 1366 by 768 pixels resolution.

Besides HDMI output, Lenovo B570-1068AJU provides  4 USB 2.0 ports, VGA output,  Audio output and RJ-45, which helps setting up external devices like printers. Other notable features available with the laptop are 6-in-1 media card reader and DVD burner.

Communication features integrated with Lenovo’s model B570-1068AJU laptop enables user to log onto the internet in different ways. There is support for 802.11 b/g/n wi-fi and Gigabit LAN. However, no Bluetooth support is available.

It also comes with finger print reader, which is also generally missing in budget laptops. The Chiclet style keyboard helps in easy typing.

At $300, B570-1068AJU does offer a lot to students and home users, even with its short comings on the memory part.

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