Lenovo G505 59371430 Review- Powered by AMD E1-2100 accelerated processor

If you consider price-features ratio of Lenovo G505 59371430, you will find that it comes with apparently tantalizing list of specifications – dual core processor AMD E series accelerated processor,4 GB RAM and 2 USB 3.0 ports. This notebook offers 15.6” display, which means user will get a mid-size notebook. On the flip side, the laptop comes with a hard drive having only 320GB storage space. Nowadays, 500 GB hard drive is common even in budget segment of notebooks and laptops. Moreover, AMD E1-2100 accelerated processor itself is considered to be a weak processor since each of its cores operate with 1 GHz only.  Lenovo G505 59371430 is not a touch screen laptop but it comes with Windows 8 operating system. It is still an affordable computing solution for such buyers who are looking for a laptop to fulfill their basic computing needs. Lenovo G505 59371430 is available at Fry’s at approximately $218(sale price). At OfficeMax, it is available with $250 approx.

Lenovo G505 59371430 specification and performance

Lenovo G505 59371430 is equipped with AMD E1-2100 APU which operates with 1 GHz frequency. It comes with 1 MB of RAM. The accelerated processor comes with integrated AMD Radeon HD 8210M graphics which is an entry level integrated graphics. Even though it is a dual core APU, its clock speed is a rather modest at 1.0GHz. Therefore, it is expected that its performance will be hindered. Lenovo G505 59371430 will support tasks like typing documents, browsing web etc. High end tasks will soon bring forth limitations of the processor. With 4GB memory, it will support basic multitasking. AMD Radeon HD 8210M has support for DirectX 11.1, but users won’t be able to play current games due to weak processor. However, some older low end games like Anno 2070, StarCraft II will be playable in weak graphics with low setting and details and with low fps. Watching video in this laptop will not a problem though. The display of laptop supports 720p playback only and 1080p or full HD should not be expected from it.

The 15.6” display of Lenovo G505 59371430 offers 1366 by 768 resolution.

Lenovo G505 59371430 comes with 4 GB DDR3 memory and 320 GB hard drive. The hard drive speed is 5400 rpm. You can’t expect SSD or 7200 rpm hard drive at this price, which is also true for its display support. Windows 8 is preinstalled on the hard drive. Basically, this laptop is suited for those who have very basic computing needs and are on tight budget.

It offers impressive numbers of ports and connectivity features which include 2 USB 3.0 ports, 1 USB 2.0, a media card reader which support SD and MMC formats. Beside this, it comes with 1 HDMI, 1 VGA output, RJ 45 jack and audio jack. It is integrated with DVD burner and HD webcam. Network connectivity is supported by fast Ethernet and 802.11 b.g.n Wi-Fi. No Bluetooth support is available.

The 6-cell, 2200mAh Li-Cylinder battery offers up to 5 hrs of battery life

Pros of Lenovo G505 59371430


4 GB memory

USB 3.0

Cons Lenovo G505 59371430

Weak processor

No touch screen


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  1. dorsystemiran says:

    1000 pes how mach?
    g505 e1 2100 4 500 ati 8210

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    Gud but wanted to know more

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