Lenovo IdeaPad Z570 Review with Intel Sandy Bridge Processors

Technology lovers, who use to follow tech news regularly, might have heard of Lenovo’s addition to it’s Z series of laptops, IdeaPad Z570 series. Lenovo had announced about the model during CES 2011 along with other models. Now Lenovo’s shopping website updates its page with two new IdeaPad Z570 models. Both the models are equipped with Intel Sandy Bridge processor and second generation Intel HD 3000 graphics. Though many of us had expected Z570 to come with discrete level of graphics yet truth is that both the models come with Intel HD 3000 graphics.

The two models available are Lenovo IdeaPad Z570 102433U and Lenovo Ideapad Z570-102432U. Below are the details of the laptops-

Processor-The Z570 102433U model is powered by Intel core i3-2310M Dual core Sandy bridge processor which operates at 2.1 Ghz frequency and has 3MB of level 3 cache. Like previous generation core i3 processor, it lacks Turboboost technology but comes with Hyper Threading technology which enhances the multitasking power of the laptop as each core can process two threads at a time.

The other model Z570-102432U is equipped with Intel core i5-2520M Dual core processor which operates at 2.5 GHz frequency and comes with Turboboost technology which boosts up the frequency up to 3.2 GHz. The processor features Hyper Threading technology as well.

The benefit of Turboboost technology is that it can provide enhanced performance even if you are running multiple application and only one or two of the cores are in use.

Memory When comes to memory, the Ideapad Z570-102432U comes with 6GB memory and Z570 102433U is integrated with 4GB memory. Both the models offer 500GB of disk space with 5,400 rpm speed.

Graphics The 2nd generation Intel HD 3000 graphics of  IdeaPad Z570 will give optimum performance as compared to previous generation Intel GMA graphics. The graphics share same die of the processor and also cache memory of the cores.  However, sharing is not limited to cache memory only as it can also use system memory. Thus, the performance of the graphics is improved. GPU also supports Turboboost. It can decode HD videos, when comes to gaming performance it is equivalent to entry level discrete graphics.

Display-Lenovo Z570 comes with 15.6” Glare display with maximum resolution of 1366*768 and offers high definition features.

Operating system- Both model runs on 64 bits Windows 7 home premium

Along with wi-fi b/g/n,  Lenovo Z570 offers Bluetooth support as well. IdeaPad Z570 provides double layer DVD burner and 2.0 megapixel webcam. It also offers 4 USB2.0 ports, one port combo with eSATA, media card reader and a HDMI port.

The most significant features of the Lenovo IdeaPad Z570 series is its encasing. It comes with chiclet keyboard encased in a modern hairline and metallic finish panel which gives it an elegant look.

Final Thoughts

The price of Lenovo Z570 ranges from $700 to $1100 depending upon the configuration. However, it looks little pricey as it lacks in discrete level graphics. The cost would have been justified had it come with mid-level discrete graphics. Another downside is the HDD speed of 5400 rpm; a 7200 rpm HDD would have made it a better choice with consumers. However, Bluetooth support and an extra USB2.0 port are plus points for the laptop.


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