Lenovo P400 Touch 59371991-IdeaPad 14″ Laptop

Lenovo P400 Touch – 59371991 midrange laptop is the latest addition to the renowned Lenovo Ideapad series. As the name suggests, it is a touch screen laptop. Intel core i5- 3230M processor paired with 6 GB memory would manage all essential important office tasks like typing documents, creating presentations and pdf files. It also allows user to edit photo and convert videos. Casual gaming and watching HD movies is possible on this laptop. Weighing around 5.3 lbs, you can’t term Lenovo P400 Touch 59371991 a bulky device but can’t call it thin either. It comes with 14” screen. This touch screen laptop would cost you about $530. Here is a brief review about the machine.

Lenovo P400 Touch – 59371991 features and performance

As told earlier, the 14” Lenovo P400 Touch – 59371991 is powered by 3rd generation/ivy Bridge  Intel core i5- 3230M processor which is a dual core processor, each core operating with 2.6 GHz frequency. Thanks to turbo boost technology, the processor speed can overclock up to 3.2 GHz. It is also Hyper threading enabled thus there will be boost in performance if you run multithreaded applications like compressing files and video editing. However, the laptop is suitable for light video editing only. Intel HD 4000 graphics is the only graphic option for this PC and it is integrated with processor. You can play modern games, like Battlefield 3 (very low fps even in low settings) Metro 2033, Dead Island etc, in low to medium details and setting.. However, Call of Duty Black ops II and Need For Speed- The Run will hardly run in low details in settings. Low end games like Minecraft, Anno 2070, Fifa 13 will run fairly.

Lenovo P400 Touch 59371991 offers 6 GB memory and 500GB hard drive with 5400 rpm speed. It comes with 14″ LED-backlit high-definition 10-point multitouch-screen. The laptop runs on Windows 8 64-bit operating system.

The laptop features all the device connections you’re familiar with: one HDMI output, 2-in-1 media reader, and VGA port.  3 USB connectors (1 USB 3.0 port and 2 USB 2.0 ports) are also available with the laptop, which is standard for a budget laptop.

Lenovo Ideapad P400 Touch – 59371991 laptop offers Fast Ethernet, 802.11 b/g/n and Bluetooth network connection. It comes with DVD burner and webcam.

The 4 cell lithium ion battery offers 4/5 hours of battery life.

Pros of Lenovo P400 Touch – 59371991

Inexpensive laptop with i5-3230M

Touch screen

Cons of Lenovo P400 Touch – 59371991

Not a slim laptop



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