LG 50″ 50LN5600 1080p 60Hz LED HDTV

LG 50LN5600 is new smart TV that comes at affordable price. The 50” display offers 1920 by 1080 resolution which means it supports full HD.   Being a Smart TV, this 50” HDTV offers lot of features which we can expect from a similar kind of device. For instance, you can directly access Hulu, Netflix and youtube; app store is available with this TV.  It offers LG cloud option where you can save media files.   The television is Wi-Fi enabled and offers impressive number of ports.

Aside from above mentioned features, it offers latest connectivity options for mobile connectivity. For instance MHL, NFC. With MHL you can connect your smart phone or tablet directly to LG 50LN5600 to watch your mobile contents or play games with immersive surround sound. Now, how to set up MHL? MHL works with the same connector of your phone which you use to charge phone.  LG 50LN5600 is an MHL compatible TV, MHL shares the same connector as an HDMI port. So you can connect the MHL-enabled phone or tablet to your TV by using MHL cable. With NFC you can connect your phone wirelessly . However, this technology works within short range only.

LG 50LN5600 comes with two 10 watt speakers, which is standard. The speakers are one way speakers.  The refresh rate of this 50” HDTV is 60 Hz.  The picture mode includes (Vivid, Standard, Eco, Cinema, Game, ISF Expert 1 and ISF Expert 2). The television offers resolution upscaling which means automatic conversion of a low resolution image or video to high definition resolution.

The LG LN series of television is known for bright colors and sharp images. It comes with deep black levels.  It’s predecessor comes with low input lag, so using this TV as computer monitor, for gaming, would not create problem.

The ports include 3 HDMI input 3 USB inputs on the rear side of the TV. One RF in, AV in, component video in are placed on the rear back of the television. The TV is 3.11″ thick and weighs around 42.1 lbs without stand and 46.7 lbs with stand. This device is VESA compliant 400 by 400.

LG 50LN5600 50” HDTV is available at different stores like Walmart and some online stores like Amazon. The price of the HDTV is just under $700

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