LG 55LN5100 55″ LED 1080p 120Hz HDTV

LG 55LN5100 is a budget LED HD television. It is not a Smart TV but supports full HD playback. It also comes with some smart features which will surely attract buyers. Unlike high end televisions, it doesn’t come with extremely thin bezel; still, it is quite thin (3-1/8″). The swivel stand comes with piano black finish and moves easily, if you need to make any adjustment. IPS display panel offers wide viewing angles and offers same picture quality regardless of angle of sitting.  It comes with standard connectivity features which you can expect from a budget television set. For instance, there are only 2 HDMI inputs which is common is most of the budget HDTVs. The VGA input or PC input is missing but users can connect their computer through HDMI ports. However, if there is no HDMI in your PC then you need to purchase VGA to HDMI adapter. It was offered by Best Buy at a price of $500 ( Thanksgiving Deal)

Size of the display of LG 55LN5100 is 54-5/8″ while measured diagonally.  The screen resolution of display is 1920 X 1080 which means it supports full high definition contents. LG true motion 120 HZ and Triple XD Engine features are incorporated in this television, which means user will get unmatched picture quality. The True motion 120HZ will help in reducing blur in case of fast-moving scenes. LG 55LN5100 offers 7 picture modes – vivid, standard, cinema, sport and game and 2 expert modes. Parental control includes V-chip. If you are considering this television for playing PC games then you can do so with game mode. It will reduce input lag.

The 55” television set comes with two 10 watt down firing speakers.  So we can expect sound of LG 55LN5100 will be average like other budget television sets. It comes with 5 sound modes – standard, music, cinema, sport and game. To get better sound quality, the TV can be connected with home theater system or surround sound. There are both composite and component inputs, so you can connect an external audio system easily. Beside this, there is one RF input.

LG 55LN5100 comes with USB 2.0 port which lets you connect USB storage devices to view pictures or listen to music. Supported picture and sound formats are JPEG and MP3. Not all USB devices are compatible with this television though. USB devices formatted as FAT16, FAT32, NTFS file systems only are compatible with this TV.

LG 55LN5100 can be wall mounted and supports Vesa 400mm x 400mm.  However, if you decide to wall mount this set then you must reconsider it because the ports are positioned in such a manner that it will be difficult to access them.

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  1. jenn says:

    Does it have bluetooth?

  2. Damon says:

    Does this TV support 5.1 surround sound dolby digital or DTS? or would it downgrade it to 2.0 stereo?

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