LG BP135 Blu-ray Disc Player

LG BP135 Blu-ray Disc Player is the latest entry level media player from LG. The player is currently available on sale at a price of $40 ( approx.), even though original price of the player is much  higher.  Aesthetically, it is at par with any current budget Blu-ray player – slim, black, and rectangular. It is not crowded with ports and connectivity options. No Analog A/V inputs (composite), no Wi-Fi, No Ethernet and No apps – it is just a simple Blu-ray player. One HDMI out and one USB port is available in this player. Pure black color gives it an elegant and attractive look. This media player is easy to use as well. The front panel consists of power, Eject buttons and a USB port.  The USB port supports playing audio, photo and video files of almost all common formats.


LG BP135 supports full HD playback capability thus you can watch 1080p resolution movies and enjoy movie viewing to the fullest. Unlike other Blu-ray players, there is backward compatibility with this player. Thus, you can still use older DVDs that you have with this player. LG BP135 supports entire range of  file formats that you can think off, for example BD-ROM/BD-R/BD-RE, DVD-ROM/DVD+/-R/DVD+/-RW, CD/CD-R/CD-RW and USB as well. HDMI version supported by this player is 1.1, though there are many players with support latest HDMI formats. Direct recording to the USB device possible with this player, thus you can record the same movie which you are watching.


The USB port also allows the user to play movies from the USB mass storage device, which include external hard drive as well and it is a handy option. If you get a good HD television with screen size larger than 40 inches and an audio decoder capable of decoding Dolby Digital plus, you can convert your living room into a theater with this player along with the decoder and TV.


LG BP135  Blu-ray player has up-scaling features by which the DVD videos can be internally converted to play 1080p contents. Though it will not be same as watching a Blu-ray movie, yet it comes closer to that experience. LG is also one of the best consumer electronics manufacturers that thus this player is even more reliable. The performance of the player is yet to be known. This will fit into your TV table without taking much of the space as it is sleek and slim. The only disadvantage is that there are no smart features like internet connection or smart apps.

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