RCA LED32C45RQ Review- 32″ 1080p 60Hz Class LED (3.1″ ultra-slim) HDTV

RCA LED32C45RQ is a Rear Lit LED Type 1080p HDTV is a simple 32-inch HDTV, which doesn’t have a lot to offer.  Though it doesn’t have internet or 3D features, yet it is attractively priced at $238 ( WalMart). At this price, it is worth considering, especially, if you have budget constraint.  The device comes with basic 60 Hz refresh rate and response time is 6.5ms. The number of ports is limited and it comes with only two HDMI ports. However, the ports are well placed. RCA LED32C45RQ is not a slim TV but is not the thickest one either.

RCA LED32C45RQ features and specification

RCA LED32C45RQ HDTV comes with two 8W speakers. 8W-10W speakers are common in LCD LED TVs nowadays. It doesn’t produce great sound effect but will not disappoint you. Nowadays, speakers are facing downwards. So, if your HDTV is wall mounted, you won’t get the same effect as when the TV is placed on stand. For great output, you need to hook up surround sound units. It also supports SAP/MTS

The refreshing rate of RCA is 60Hz. Many brands are now offering 120 Hz or 240Hz refreshing rate. Visually, it won’t make any difference, unless you are watching fast sports or playing games with higher frame rate. Higher refreshing rate is required for 3D HDTV because two images are getting formed there. The contrast ratio is 3500:01. The viewing angle it supports is 176/176 horizontal/vertical.

Power consumption of RCA LED32C45RQ is less than 76 W while standby consumption is less than 1 W

Using RCA LED32C45RQ 32 inches HDTV as computer monitor for playing games

If you are considering using your HDTV as monitor for gaming, you need at least 1080p support. RCA LED32C45RQ offers 1920 by 1080p resolution. However, similar size monitor offers high resolution of 2560×1600. Thus, it is obvious that this 32″ HDTV will have larger pixels compared to big size monitors. Since RCA comes with good screen, you need to sit at least 1 meter away from the TV to enjoy games. If you move closer towards the device, it becomes pixelated thing. Again, HDTV offers more brightness than a computer monitor. So, you need to adjust it before playing games. Now let us look at response time. Computer Monitors used to come with less response time as compared with HDTV. People bother too much about response time but in reality our eyes can’t detect anything below 10ms. RCA LED32C45RQ HDTV offers 6.5ms response time. I hope it won’t be any issue.

Power, Volume, Channel, Input Select buttons are placed in the rear, right of the cabinet. The other side houses input ports like 2 HDMI ports, one USB port, a headphone jack, a digital audio output, and a coax cable/antenna jack. There is no Ethernet jack as it doesn’t offer web connectivity.  When it comes to USB media play, it supports only JPG and MP3

On Screen display supports 3 languages-English, Spanish and French,

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