Sceptre X325BV-FMDR 32″ 1080p 60Hz Class LED HDTV

Sceptre X325BV-FMDR is the latest addition to the series of 32” LED flat panel television set which is capable of streaming Full HD or 1080p playback. This Television is MHL compatible which means user can view mobile content on TV by connecting it through MHL cable. X325BV-FMDR is a basic high definition TV which doesn’t offer smart and internet features. It is not a 3D TV either. The Television will be available at a price of approximately $200. At this price, it fits nicely in the budget LED TV category. .  It is the successor of X325BV-FHD. Read further to know more about the features and specifications of the television –

Measured diagonally, size of the display panel of Sceptre X325BV-FMDR is 31.5”. The display supports resolution up to 1920 by 1080 pixels and is capable of 1080p playback. The contrast ratio of the television is 3000:1 and dynamic contrast ratio of the television is 30000:1.  It supports 16.7 M colors. Like its predecessor, the picture quality of the Sceptre X325BV-FMDR will be crisp and clear.  Viewing angle of the television is 178/178 horizontal/vertical.  It comes with two 10 watt speakers. 8-10 watt speakers are common in high definition television which doesn’t produce theater quality sound.  You need to connect it with a good home theater system, surround sound or sound bars to get good sound quality.

The refresh rate of Sceptre X325BV-FMDR is 60 Hz.  Unless you are watching fast action scenes you will not notice any major difference between 60 Hz and higher refresh rate. If you are going to use it as an external monitor for playing PC games, 60 Hz HDTV is a good choice. With 120 HZ you may get input lag as source input is mostly 60 Hz. The response time is 6.5 ms, which is much better than other budget television sets.

The onscreen display control includes Picture, Sound , Channel, Parental ,  Setup, Others and supported onscreen languages are English, Spanish and French.  Sceptre X325BV-FMDR comes with ATSC / NTSC / Clear QAM built-in tuner.

When it comes to port, Sceptre X325BV-FMDR comes with number of inputs and outputs. It comes with 3 HDMI ports and only 3rd HDMI is compatible with MHL. It has one Antenna input, 1 component and composite input with shared audio inputs, one VGA input and one audio input to connect PC and other DVI devices. There are both, analog and digital, audio output and 3.5 mm headphone jack.

Sceptre X325BV-FMDR is Vesa compatible and it supports 200 X 100 mm.

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