Sony KDL50R450A 50-Inch 120Hz 1080p LED HDTV

Sony has been a major player in the consumer electronics market and they have changed the digital world all together in the last decade. With their new range of HD televisions they have given ultimate movie viewing experience to people around the globe. Their latest television Sony KDL50R450A HDTV 50″ Class LED HDTV is another jewel in their range of HD televisions. Here is the brief review about the TV

This HDTV has a 49.5 inch screen when measure diagonally which is suitable for medium sized room or den and will give you theater like environment and watching movies especially horror and thriller movies on this television will sure be a memorable experience. Sony KDL50R450A supports 1080p HD playback thus it is sure that the viewer will experience the complete high definition viewing experience.

Sony KDL50R450A comes with two full range 8 Watt speakers though not very powerful; but is standard for most of the HDTVs. The speakers in TVs offers either 8w or 10w, typically are downward facing, thus sound does not projected outward. You can connect your surround sound system to get home theater like experience. The Motionflow XR 120 technology provides the user with smooth viewing of quick motion or rapidly moving video frames. If you are gamer and play games with high frame rates, this technology will enhance your gaming experience. The 178 degree viewing angle provides wide hall viewing and more viewing space. There are two HDMI input ports and 1 composite / component input port at the rear end for taking both digital and analog inputs.


There is also an analog audio input port in the rear end along with the RF input port which can take direct satellite feed incase if the user is not using a settop box.

Sony KDL50R450A 50″ Class LED HDTV offers digital audio port at the rear end for the user to connect the audio output to a Dolby decoder or home theater to enhance the experience. There is also an USB port at the side which can support USB 2.0 mass storage devices, through which the user can connect any USB device such as flash drive, camera or external hard disk and view the pictures, listen to music or play the movies, present in the same.  You can connect your smart phone with HDTV as it offers MHL port.

The screen refresh rate is 60 Hz which is basic refresh rate. If you want to buy HDTV for watching sports then you can consider 120 Hz. There is no Ethernet port available thus browsing internet or upgrading the firmware directly is not possible, this is a small disadvantage. The power consumption is the best advantage as it consumes only less power and the average power consumed by Sony KDL50R450A  for one year is just 104 kWh. The cost is also very cheap compared to the features provided by the same.

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