Toshiba 32L1300UC 32″ LED TV

Toshiba 32L1300UC is a budget 32” LED television that supports up to 720p high definition playback. It is not a Smart TV.  Like any other budget televisions, it comes with limited number of ports and connectivity options. It has dedicated gaming mode which is often missing in low end televisions. The television set is devoid of VGA or PC input. However there are 2 HDMI inputs. If you have old style PC or laptop that lacks HDMI out, you can still connect your PC with Toshiba 32L1300UC with the help of VGA to HDMI connector or adapter.

The display of Toshiba 32L1300UC supports up to 1366 X 768 pixel resolution and the static contrast ratio is 3000:1. When it comes to brightness, it supports 300 cd/m2. It comes with decent viewing angle of 178 degree which means user can watch from any corner of the room. The television comes with ClearScan 120Hz frequency which doesn’t mean that the refresh rate of the television 120Hz. It’s like LG’s TruMotion and Samsung’s CMR etc. Toshiba enhances the performance of 60Hz to reduce the blur during fast action scenes’ or while playing games. Toshiba 32L1300UC offers decent picture quality, however, some user may experiences motion blur during gaming. It comes with inbuilt ATSC/QAM tuner.

Picture and Sound

To adjust picture, there are Picture Mode, Backlight, Contrast, Brightness, Color, Tint, Sharpness, and advance picture settings. The Picture menu includes Dynamic, standard, movie, games and PC. PC mode will be available if HDMI is connected. Toshiba 32L1300UC comes with two 7 watt bottom mounted speakers. To adjust sound, user can select bass, Treble or Balance. Furthermore, to enhance sound quality there is Audyssey ABX and EQ. The television also features Stable Sound which checks the extreme variations in volume that can take place when user switches between channels or programs.

Toshiba 32L1300UC LED Television comes with parental controls. The television supports USB media playback. User can watch photos and play music directly from their USB flash drive, on this television. The file format it supports is JPEG and MP3. The USB device must be formatted with FAT 16 or FAT32.

Other significant features of this television are Sleep Timer, Picture Freeze, Photo Frame Closed Captioning , No Signal Auto Off,  Discrete IR Codes and channel browser.


Beside 2 HDMI ports, there is one Component input with L/R audio which is shared with composite input on the rear side of the television, to connect with Blu-Ray player, satellite receiver or DVD player. The antenna input is also located on the rear of the television set.

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